35 Incredible Examples of Origami Paper Art


Paper is a very fragile medium, but it can be used to create very powerful and lifelike pieces of art. Origami is originally from Japan, but has grown and can be found in all corners of the globe. The artform itself has evolved from simple paper cranes to lifelike representations of animals, as well as very intricate landscapes carved into books. Even realistic models can be made from paper.

In this collection of origami art, you’ll see the intricacies of paper being used to create immersive works of art. Some of the pieces may even surprise you with their level of detail and attention. For example, some of the origami art pieces in this collection use hundreds of individually folded pieces of paper combined together to make a colorful final piece of art. Individual pieces can be very time-consuming to create and add to the complexity of the larger pieces when put together.

You can create complete landscapes with origami and paper models. From small backyard or garden scenes to elaborate castles, it can all be made using origami. But origami can also be used to create powerful and emotional pieces of art. You can even use books to create wonderful and incredible works of art simply by carving them. Changing the depth of individual pages creates very realistic diorama scenes. Painting those same scenes creates very lifelike landscapes.

If you are interested in origami art, then you’re in luck. Browse our collection of the best examples of origami paper art. Use these as inspiration to create your very own works of paper art.

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