ipstack Helps You Know and Serve Users in Real-Time

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Want to know the secret behind building a successful website? It’s all about the end user. Provide them with something that’s both powerful and easy-to-use and the result is something they’ll come back to again and again.

A key element in all of this is learning more about your users. Because, the more information you have, the more you can tailor the experience to match their specific needs.

Getting hold of that information can be a challenge, though. You could go the long way around and base everything off of cumulative stats and analytics. Or you could directly ask users for relevant information during signup, such as their location, preferred currency or time zone. But these methods require a lot of number-crunching and, more importantly, time.

Fortunately, there is a better way. ipstack is an IP to geolocation API that can provide the information you need to serve users relevant information in real-time. It takes all of the guesswork out of localization.


Build a More Personal Website

Knowing a bit about users as they visit your site enables you to do some amazing things. It can enhance your ability to provide a completely custom experience. Just think of the possibilities:

Localized Ecommerce
Online shoppers want convenience – it’s the whole point of ecommerce. So, when they arrive at your shop, the last thing they want to do is pick a currency or enter their location. It’s not user-friendly and may just result in their heading elsewhere.

Since ipstack’s Location and Currency Modules provide you with instant access to this information, users don’t have to do a thing. You can use this data to automatically serve up products priced in their local currency. That removes a key barrier between a user and your site. This can vastly improve your conversion rate.

Targeted Content
One of the best ways to keep users on your site is to show them the most relevant content possible. For example, a news site may want to show headlines that target a user’s geographic location in order pique their interest.

ipstack makes this process incredibly easy with their Location and Time Zone modules. Use them to make your site a local hub for users – regardless of where they are.

Available modules from ipstack help you serve localized content.

Relevant Advertising
Advertising also plays a role in this as well. A user in New York probably won’t have much interest in seeing an ad for a car wash in California. Serving up localized ads will keep both users and advertisers happy (along with optimizing your conversion rates).

Plus, with ipstack, you can serve targeted ads or content based on more than just a user’s location. For example, you could even target users by their ISP, thanks to the available Connection Module. These tools provide you with multiple options to create a fully personalized experience.

Rock Solid Foundation and Security

Before you implement a geolocation API on your website, you need to make sure that you choose a service that is reliable and scalable. After all, there’s no point in using a service that’s only going to work some of the time.

ipstack has been built to reliably serve even the busiest websites. It scales with your business to quickly provide accurate information no matter how much traffic you receive. As your site grows, ipstack can grow right along with it.

You want to know that the data you’re using is accurate. That’s why ipstack has formed close relationships with ISPs worldwide to ensure a consistent flow of accurate data. In all, their API covers over 2 million unique locations. The service is also future-friendly, as it serves up both IPv4 and IPv6 data.

ipstack is reliable, with guaranteed uptime.

When it comes to security, well, that’s everyone’s top priority. What’s unique about ipstack is that their service provides two-fold security.

First, all data sent and processed by ipstack uses bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption over HTTPS. That gives you some peace of mind in knowing that user data is safe from prying eyes.

Second, ipstack gives you the tools to help better secure your own website. Using their Security Module, you can block out potentially dangerous requests. You can target IPs, crawlers, proxies or even Tor users and block them from reaching your site before they can do any damage.

Easy to Use
Just because ipstack is powerful doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to use or implement. After you sign up, you can be up and running in under 10 minutes. Plus, you have access to dedicated support and helpful documentation whenever you need a helping hand.

Sign Up with ipstack for Free

The modern web demands more than an attractive site. It requires that we take steps to create a seamless personalized experience. That’s exactly what ipstack provides. Sign up for free today and take your website to the next level.