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Having access to global market data has never been more vital. With world economies in a state of flux, your users need accurate information available in real-time. Historical data is also important, as it serves as a way to compare and contrast with the present.

marketstack gives you the ability to easily implement this data on your website or mobile app. It’s a free, easy-to-use REST API that delivers worldwide stock market data in JSON format.

With over 125,000 available stock tickers and over 30 years of historical data, marketstack is a complete solution. It brings the entire world of finance right to your door.

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Access to Real-Time, Intraday and Historical Market Data

Wherever you are in the world, and whichever markets you need to watch, marketstack has you covered. You’ll find a treasure trove of current and historical data – all in an API that’s a breeze to set up.

Covering 72 Global Exchanges

You’ll be able to satisfy investors worldwide with data from 72 global exchanges and more than 125k stock tickers. The NYSE, NASDAQ, TYO, XLON – they’re all here.

With detailed up-to-the-minute updates, your users will know exactly where they stand.

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A Massive Library of Historical Data

Want to go deeper? Not only does marketstack provide real-time information, you’ll also have access to over 30 years of historical data. With the included intraday data, you can even see stock performance on a minute-by-minute basis.

As they say: knowledge is power. With marketstack, users can research past performance with an eye towards the future.

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Powerful and Secure Architecture

An API is only as good as its foundation. marketstack has been built with cutting-edge technology and can be scaled to fit any need. From small business websites all the way up to the demands of enterprise, you can rely on marketstack to deliver.

In addition, the API uses bank-grade security to keep your data safe and give you peace of mind. All data sent to and from marketstack uses 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

Easy to Implement

The goal of any API is to serve your users – not wasting time trying to get things working. With marketstack, you can be up and running in just 5 minutes.

marketstack features extensive, easy-to-understand documentation. It provides you with plenty of request and code examples in a number of languages, including PHP, Python, NodeJS and more.

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Get Your Free API Key and Join 30,000+ Happy Customers

marketstack is the top choice for all of your market data needs. If you’re looking for access to accurate real-time data that’s fast, reliable and easy-to use – this JSON REST API is the perfect fit. It’s no wonder that they’re trusted by 30,000+ companies and 75+ universities worldwide.

What’s more, the depth of available data is outstanding. Whether you need the latest stock quotes or historical data, marketstack has it all. Plus, it’s all backed up by extensive documentation and friendly customer support.

Best of all, you can get started for free – no credit card required! Get your free API key today – good for up to 1,000 end-of-day stock data requests per month. Need more? Affordable monthly plans are available, starting at just $9.99.

Sign up for marketstack and within minutes you’ll bring the world of finance directly to your users.

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