Showcase of Mix & Match Typography Websites

2015 popularized a typography style that we previously knew from fancy t-shirts rather than websites – mixing and matching several styles of fonts. The complex art of choosing the right font has been stretched to the extreme with this trend.

UXPin has reported, after feedback from designers, that mix and match typography is a major and still growing web design trend. Customers are actually asking and pushing designers to go nuts with the typography.

Take a look at these 15 examples of mix-and-match typography, and be amazed:

Forefathers Group

Forefathers Group mix typography match

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna mix typography match


Skybox mix typography match

Chris Wilhite

Chris Wilhite mix typography match

Timmy Tompkins

Timmy Tompkins mix typography match

BTL Brands

BTL Brands mix typography match


Fontwalk mix typography match

Jacksonville Art Walk

Jacksonville Art Walk mix typography match

Wicked Palate

Wicked Palate mix typography match

The Production Kitchen

The Production Kitchen mix typography match


CIRQ mix typography match

Cast Iron Design Company

Cast Iron Design Company mix typography match

Barrelhouse Flat

Barrelhouse Flat mix typography match

Wild Blue

Wild Blue mix typography match

Al Taglio

Al Taglio mix typography match

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