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Business cards are a staple for every freelancer and agency. We hand them out to prospective clients and pass them around like candy at design conferences. They are a small, yet tangible, representation of who we are.

If we want to make an impact, then, it stands to reason that our business cards should be memorable. That can be accomplished with top-notch design combined with unique, high-quality materials. In other words: Cards should not only look good but provide the right kind of tactile feedback as well.

For business cards that do it all, check out Print Peppermint. They are an online printer offering a variety of incredible finishes and premium papers. In addition, they provide you with the flexibility to design your own card or use their expert in-house design team.

Let’s take a look at the features that make Print Peppermint the ultimate source for your business card needs.

Print Peppermint home page.

High-End Features & Attention to Detail

Your business is special, so why settle for the same old business cards? With Print Peppermint, you’ll gain access to the tools and materials that will help you stand out from the rest.

Thick and Premium Papers

It all starts with the paper, and Print Peppermint provides a number of great options. Choose from 100% Cotton, Soft-Touch, Triplex Layered, Clear-Frosted Plastic, Onyx Black Suede, Recycled Kraft and more. Whatever look and feel you’re aiming for, there’s a paper to make it happen.

Double sided business cards from Print Peppermint.

Special Finishes

The right finish can turn an ordinary business card into something truly unique. Print Peppermint offers luxurious finishes such as foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, letterpress, edge painting and more. Depending on your choice, the full CMYK color spectrum is at your disposal.

Print Peppermint Edge Painting.

Create Your Own Card Design

Using Print Peppermint’s free business card maker, you can start with a blank canvas and create your own design. And you can do it all from the comfort of your web browser.

Or, Hire a Graphic Designer

Want your business cards to have a fully-professional look? Put Print Peppermint’s design team on the job. They can help bring your ideas to life. And you’re not limited to business cards alone. Hire their pros to design logos, t-shirts, stickers and a whole lot more.

Quality Assurance

Print Peppermint cares about each and every order. That’s why they take the time to hand proof every single one. Big orders, small orders – they’re all treated with great attention to detail. And, you can rest assured that your order will be done right, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Letterpress Business Card.

An Online Printer You Can Trust

Over the past 7+ years, Print Peppermint has gained experience through completing thousands of projects. They have worked with 10,000+ companies of all sizes and earned a reputation as a refreshingly creative and reliable print shop.

In that time, they’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some pretty big names. Companies such as Google, Vice, Wendy’s, Geico and Grammarly have placed their trust in Print Peppermint – so can you.

The team also likes to share knowledge through their design blog. In it, you’ll find product guides, inspiration, along with business tips and assorted off-the-wall topics. It’s a great place to learn and get ideas for your next project.

And, if you’re unsure of the right paper, finish or design – they’ll be glad to help. Just start an online chat, call or send an email. The same goes for getting a quote on a custom project.

Large orders are welcome, with awesome group discounts for businesses and organizations with multiple employees.

Looking for something beyond business cards? Print Peppermint also offers a wide selection of marketing materials. Get your banners, buttons, stickers, magnets, greeting cards and more – all from one trusted source.

Print Peppermint Buttons

Get a Better Business Card

If you’re in the market for a completely stunning, one-of-a-kind business card, head on over to Print Peppermint. Their meticulous approach separates them from the competition – and their business cards will do the same for your business.

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