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30 Creative & Quirky Free Fonts

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Regardless of the project, fonts will always have a pivotal role in design. A carefully selected typeface has the power to completely change the message and feeling you are to convey. Although, not many designers are brave enough to step away from the safety of fonts like Times New Roman, Verdana, or Arial, and even fewer will step away from selecting choosing between a serif or a sans-serif font. Maybe it is time to get truly creative.

If you really want your designs to stand out, there are lots of creative and quirky fonts which are available for free. So, today we’ve put together 30 newly released creative free fonts for you to help get those creative juices flowing.

Rhyder by Adrian Candela

free creative font typeface Rhyder

Rhyder Download Page

Carosello (Envato Elements)

Carosello quirky creative font

Carosello Download Page

AI Kelso by jagdeep Singh

free AI Kelso quirky font typeface

AI Kelso Download Page

Newsense by Adrian Candela

free quirky Newsense font typeface

Newsense Download Page

Free Vector Font by Rich McNabb

free creative font Vector typeface

Vector Font Download Page

Bw Modelica Font Family (Envato Elements)

Bw Modelica Font Family quirky creative font

Bw Modelica Font Family Download Page

Ontwerp by Emraan Mayow

Ontwerp free quirky font typeface

Ontwerp Download Page

Bouquet Typeface (Envato Elements)

Bouquet Typeface quirky creative font

Bouquet Typeface Download Page

Wamed by Laura Pol

free creative font Wamed typeface

Wamed Download Page

RNS Sanz (Envato Elements)

RNS Sanz quirky creative font

RNS Sanz Download Page

Glitch by James Stone

free quirky font Glitch typeface

Glitch Download Page

Morton (Envato Elements)

Morton quirky creative font

Morton Download Page

Valkyrie by Hendrick Rolandez

free creative font Valkyrie typeface

Valkyrie Download Page

London by Antonio Rodrigues Jr

free quirky London font typeface

London Download Page

Gayatri Sans Serif by jagdeep Singh

Gayatri Sans Serif free creative font typeface

Gayatri Sans Serif Download Page

Istanbul by Kutan Ural

free quirky font typeface Istanbul

Istanbul Download Page

Newgeo by Lettering Shop

free creative font typeface Newgeo

Newgeo Download Page

Portica Regular Typeface by Michael Nunes

free quirky Portica font typeface

Portica Download Page

Inky by Fie Clarke

free creative font typeface Inky

Inky Download Page

Lunch Invitation by Rich McNabb

Lunch Invitation free quirky font typeface

Lunch Invitation Download Page

Verano (Tipo) by Joan Alegret

free creative Verano font typeface tipo

Verano Download Page

Quirky Nots by Amit Jakhu

free quirky font typeface

Quirky Nots Download Page

Hanoi Typeface by Alex Dale

Quirky Nots free creative font typeface

Hanoi Download Page

Higher by Marisa Passos

free creative Higher font typeface

Higher Download Page

Matchup Typeface by Ryan Welch

free quirky font typeface Matchup

Matchup Download Page

Brandon Text Medium by HVD Fonts

Brandon Text free creative font typeface

Brandon Text Download Page

Ridge Typeface by Erika Mackley

free quirky font typeface Ridge

Ridge Download Page

Moonshiner by Mattox Shuler

free creative font typeface Moonshiner

Moonshiner Download Page

Haymaker by Trevor Baum

free quirky Haymaker font typeface

Haymaker Download Page

Good Intent Typeface by Pedro Veneziano

free creative Good Intent font typeface

Good Intent Typeface Download Page

Mathlete Typeface by Mattox Shuler

Mathlete free quirky font typeface

Mathlete Typeface Download Page

Facunda by Bu!

free Facunda creative font typeface

Facunda Download Page

Vincent by Ben Suarez

free quirky font Vincent typeface

Vincent Download Page

Magna Typeface by Hendrick Rolandez

free creative font typeface Magna

Magna Typeface Download Page

Citizen Slab Regular by Joel Felix

free quirky font typeface Citizen Slab

Citizen Slab Regular Download Page

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