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25 Stunning Examples of Still Life Photography

25 Stunning Examples of Still Life Photography

Ever since the inception of photography itself, still life photography has been popular. And with the advancement of modern-day cameras, you can now have greater control over lighting, mood, and the composition of your photographs, thereby allowing us to shoot amazing still-life photography masterpieces.

Still-life photography as a form of art takes a great deal of learning and experience. You need to master the art of carefully selecting objects, lighting, and dozens of other variants.

However, due to the inanimate nature of the objects, you have plenty of time to get the perfect light and create the most aesthetically pleasing composition. Still life photography does require patience, but it’s a wonderful way to master light and composition, and best of all, it doesn’t require tons of expensive equipment.

Keep in mind that when it comes to your subject, your background will play a crucial role. You can use the natural background that the subject is already on, or you can help yourself by using paper, cardboard, or fabric you have lying around. Keep the background simple, so it doesn’t distract from the subject of your photo.

You will also want to make use of natural light or make your own softbox to improve your lighting conditions. After that, it’s only a matter of playing with the subject arrangement to create an interesting scene.

Technical terminology aside, we have put together a stunning collection of still-life photography examples for your photography inspiration. Enjoy!

Vitamins For Healthy Heart

Soul Tailor

Mini Phalaenopsis



Rainbow Cake

Still Life Photography

My Adam’s Matrix


Still Life by Frescendine

Still Life by Suzie

Tea Time

Watches Still Life

The Weight of the Sin

Still Life by Black World


Love Cherries

Nadia D’Agaro

Citrus Still Life

Still Life by Itash


Terry Border

Supreme Cookie

Please Critique

Sorry Full

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