The jQuery Foundation Relaunches the jQuery Plugin Registry


Currently, the jQuery project provides powerful back-end components for developers, but those seeking new plugins are forced to explore a multitude of different sources. On Wednesday, the jQuery Foundation relaunched their jQuery Plugin Registry with a much-improved UI, providing a single source for plugins.

The community formed around jQuery flourished. However, with this influx of generous and talented open-source work comes many sources for those seeking plugins; resulting in a classic case of choice overload, or over-choice.

New plugins are available on their own pages and present a framework for a source code repository, previous versions, documentation, and bug tracking before being included in the registry. Additionally, developers will have to create a plugin.jquery.json manifest file for the plugin resource locations.

jQuery Plugin Registry

Given the open-source nature of sharing, the MIT-licensed source code for the repository itself is available, as part of the jQuery Foundation’s open-source goals.

The advantage of the site is not just centralization, but in its Git support, which allows developers to publish their code to not only the plugin registry but also GitHub, simultaneously.

However, there are still some bumps in the road. Issues have already spread to GitHub, highlighting has already pointed out that the site lacks a filter, ranking function, download counts, and connections to social media.

Check out the new registy here: jQuery Plugin Registry.

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