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A Long Time Ago: Code Snippets Inspired by Star Wars

Perhaps no movie franchise has more fans than Star Wars. For over 40 years, each new episode has generated great anticipation – not to mention monster profits. Both the movies…


Snippets That Celebrate Old School Tech

After reaching a certain age, you’ll find yourself revisiting the technology that was part of your younger life. Suddenly you pine for the VCR or the C64.


10 Best Logo Reveal Templates for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we share the ten best templates that you can use to create a professional logo animation on your own in After Effects.


Celestial Code Snippets That Celebrate the Sky and Outer Space

The natural world has always served as a great source of inspiration. And we can see some of its most amazing wonders by looking up towards the heavens. A crystal-blue…


See the Sound: Audio Visualization CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets

At the turn of the 21st century, MP3 audio was just hitting the mainstream. Certainly, the portability of these sound files was a big part of their allure. But there…


Send Holiday Cheer with these Christmas Code Snippets

Everyone who collects subscribers and regularly runs email campaigns can benefit from sending out festive greetings. It is customary to congratulate your devoted users by presenting them with bonuses, discounts,…


The Silly Side of Code Snippets

Sometimes the daily grind of web design can make us take things a little too seriously. While that’s good for getting things done, it can also drain us of the…


Share Your Story with These Terrific Timelines

When trying to get your point across to users, serving them up mountains of text just isn’t effective. People are looking for instant gratification and most won’t stick around to…


On the Downlow(res): A Showcase of CSS Pixel Art

With display technology currently in a sort of golden age, you may be curious as to why so many of us are still hung up on pixel art. Why, with…


Forge Your Own (Animation) Path with These Snippets

In some ways, it seems like we’re in the golden age of animation on the web. Mainly because there are so many options for implementing it into our projects. Certainly,…


Using Shaders to Create Realistic Special Effects in Web Design

WebGL has become the subject of experimentation and testing the limits of what is possible on the web. Almost each day we stumble upon grandiose solutions powered by it. As…


Snippets That Recreate Board Games in the Virtual World