8 Tasty CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Recreating Sweet Treats


The great thing about a sweet treat is that we don’t need a reason to have one. It doesn’t have to be a birthday or holiday to indulge in candy, baked goods, or even a soft drink. Not that any of us would go overboard, mind you.

Kidding aside, these tasty concoctions are often associated with good times. They bring back childhood memories and moments shared with loved ones. And the experience of making them can also spark those warm fuzzy feelings.

It’s no secret that many web designers have a sweet tooth. Some have even gone so far as to use their skills to create virtual shrines to their favorites. The recipes differ, but they all have two ingredients in common: CSS and JavaScript.

To prove our point, here are eight mouth-watering snippets to sweeten your screen.

Sugar, Sugar with Three.js & GSAP by Steve Gardner

Who’s up for a pile of goodies? This clever animation relies on Three.js and GSAP to spell out the word “SUGAR.” It’s an attention-getter for sure. Plus, it demonstrates how one can build some complex presentations using these libraries.

See the Pen Sugar, Sugar by Steve Gardner

Candy Ring Pure CSS Preloader by Jon Kantner

Loading graphics provides a prime opportunity for adding creativity. This pure CSS snippet creates a beautiful blue and white candy swirl. It’s both fun and mesmerizing.

See the Pen Candy Ring Preloader by Jon Kantner

CSS Only Cupcake Slider with Sprinkles by Jamie Coulter

Visuals can do wonders in terms of getting customers interested in your product. Here we have a slider that is as tempting as it is slick. The animation brings a feeling of interactivity, while the illustrations are simply beautiful. And to think that all of this was accomplished using only CSS? Amazing.

See the Pen CSS Only Cupcake Slider with Sprinkles! by Jamie Coulter

A CSS & GSAP Candy Heart by Katherine Kato

Candy hearts are traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day. But our love of code can be celebrated year-round! This fun animation combines both passions with the help of CSS and GSAP.

See the Pen Candy Heart by Katherine Kato

Recreate Candyland with CSS, SVG & JavaScript by Luke Lincoln

This over-the-top homage to the classic board game Candyland is quite heavy on sugar. Thankfully it’s all guilt-free when displayed on your screen. This one is a great mix of SVG and JavaScript that results in a delectable presentation.

See the Pen Sugar rush (candyland) by luke lincoln

Create an Orange Soda Background by Lisa Benmore

Perhaps there’s nothing quite like enjoying some soda on a warm day. If you don’t have either of those things, this snippet may be the next best thing. Random bubbles against an orange background bring some sweet citrus taste to mind. And it would make a terrific background for a website hero area.

See the Pen Who Loves Orange Soda? #codepenchallenge by Lisa Benmore

Create a CSS 3D Cake by S. Shahriar

Not sure which slice of cake you want? Then maybe you should take a look around to find the most attractive piece. That’s exactly what this 3D model does, as you can drag it (or use the keyboard) to get a 360-degree view. The artwork was created using CSS, while a tiny bit of JavaScript adds flavor.

See the Pen CSS 3D Cake 🍰 by S. Shahriar

CSS Hover Pudding by Deren

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make us happy – like a bit of pudding for dessert. This snippet gives us a chance to put a smile on our food for once. Hover over this pudding and take in its joyful reaction.

See the Pen Challenges:CSS Hover Pudding🍮 by Deren

Writing the Sweetest of Code

Our creativity tends to be at its best when we’re having fun. And what could be more fun than crafting something sweet? The snippets above are prime examples of how innovative web designers can be when given the freedom to experiment.

Plus, it’s easy to see the similarities between writing code and making sweet treats. Each requires expert use of tools and ingredients to produce the best possible outcome.

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