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UX Feedback


Client Website Feedback with Context? Yes, Please.

Getting feedback on your website projects is crucial. Yet, it’s also one of the most painful parts of the build process. Comments from both clients and team members often lose…


5 Simple Questions to Ask When Looking for User Feedback

You can’t make the first impression twice, right? Of course, and that’s one of the reasons why you put so much time and effort working on a website’s design. You…


25 Procreate Tutorials for Drawings, Illustrations, Paintings, and More

This collection of Procreate tutorials consists of a nice mix of walkthroughs for beginners and more experienced artists, looking to improve their skills.


Guidelines For Better Client Feedback on Web Design

Designers who succeed in presenting their designs successfully do two things better than other designers. First, they understand that their clients are not designers and communicate with them using normal…


User Feedback in User Experience

Think about that reassuring vibration that occurs after you flip your iPhone’s ringer switch to “off” – so you know the action you intended took place successfully. What about the…


How Visual Feedback Helps Collaboration in Web Development

Most applications and products on the web today have a visual interface. We see everyone discuss user interface and user experience more prominently because of the overly abundant visual elements…


Making Bad Feedback from Your Boss or Client Actionable