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50 Inspirational & Creative Personal Portfolio Websites

A few months ago we featured Web Design Agency homepages. However, many designers prefer to work alone, and their portfolios are also worth checking out. Thus, here are 50 individual…


Room to Breathe: Using Whitespace in the Hero Area

Developers are often so obsessed with extravagant solutions that they sometimes get carried away – forgetting how the simplest things can make an interface a better place. One such example…


The 20 Best Lightroom Presets for Adding Instagram Effects to Your Shots in 2021

Create stunning and shareable photos with the best Adobe Lightroom presets with Instagram effects! Our collection has it all; from soft pastel aesthetics, to presets that create moody atmospheres.


How to Effectively Use Whitespace in Web Design

Have you ever found yourself gazing at a finished design thinking, ‘something’s missing’? More specifically, have you ever come to the conclusion that a design is ‘too empty’ or ‘too…


Effective Use of Negative Space in Web Design

A lot of designers make a big mistake by creating overly complex, busy, and colorful web pages. If it’s not intentional, you should avoid creating complex interfaces and use more…


How to Effectively Use Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

Visual hierarchy is vital to good website design. It’s one of the key principles that will make your website effective in accomplishing your goals for it. There’s a lot of…


How User-Centered Design Skyrockets Conversion Rate

“Keep it simple, kid.” This quick phrase could’ve saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, but like so many beginners before me, I didn’t listen. There are countless…


The Complexity of Simplicity in Web Design