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WordPress Security


5 Things to Tell Your Clients About WordPress Security

We discuss being proactive when it comes to teaching clients about security best practices. Some things are universal, while others are a bit more specific to WordPress itself.


Get to Know Jeff Starr, WordPress Author and Entrepreneur

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jeff as we discussed his busy life, how he got started with WordPress and his thoughts on the software’s evolution.


The 15 Best Free Calligraphy Fonts

As you will see from our collection, there are plenty of high-quality free calligraphy fonts that can be used in both personal and commercial projects.


10 Best Free Security Plugins for WordPress

It’s become absolutely imperative for WordPress site owners take extra security measures. Thankfully, there are a plethora of free plugins out there that will harden WordPress and provide you with an extra layer of protection.


How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to WordPress

We explore what two-factor authentication actually is and take a look at a few WordPress plugins that will help you add this feature with minimal effort.


Hacked: What to Do When Your WordPress Website Has Been Compromised

It’s perfectly normal to feel scared or frustrated when your WordPress site has been compromised. Take a breath, and follow this guide for dealing with a hacked WordPress website.


Creating a Custom User Role in WordPress

When building a website with a CMS, flexibility is always welcome. Thankfully, WordPress has more than its share, with themes and plugins that allow us to create a highly-custom experience….


Building WordPress Websites That Better Respect User Privacy

In recent years, privacy has become one of the most important topics in our society. With the rise of services that use and sell user data, serious discussions have been…


5 Tips for a More Secure WordPress Website

Web security has grown into one of the most important issues we face – right up there with design and development. And those of us who use an open source…


The Responsibilities of a WordPress Plugin Developer

It takes a whole lot of talent and skill to create a functioning WordPress plugin. Most of us will probably never fully grasp the amount of work and dedication that…


Playing Whack-a-Mole With WordPress Security

Securing a website in this day in age (even a small one) is increasingly becoming more difficult. And if you’re using WordPress, you might as well have a big old…


Standing Tall in the Face of Recent WordPress Security Scares