10 Fantastic Podcasts for UX Designers


UX or user experience is vital for a successful time spent on the web. However, not enough designers delve into the nitty-gritty of what makes for good UX design. And many more have trouble keeping up with the latest trends and discussions in the niche.

If you find you’ve been struggling to keep up, listening to podcasts on the subject is an excellent way to stay abreast of the industry without sacrificing all your free time.

Here, we’ve put together a collection of fantastic podcasts aimed squarely at UX designers that you should add to your “to-listen-to” list.

User Defenders Podcast

The User Defenders Podcast features people excelling in the area of UX design. It serves as an outlet for highlighting those people leading in this arena through in-depth interviews and overviews of who these leaders are and how they approach UX design to achieve such success.

User Defenders ux user experience podcast

Creative Peptalk

Creative Peptalk is a must-listen podcast that touches on UX design regularly due to its focus on the intersection of art and business. Hosted by Andy J. Miller, this podcast combines personal stories with artist interviews to highlight how you can use your art to move forward in your career.

Creative Peptalk ux user experience podcast

ShopTalk Show

The ShopTalk Show is a podcast hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier that covers all aspects of UX design, including development, performance, tools, accessibility, and more.

ShopTalk Show ux user experience podcast

UI Breakfast Podcast

Another podcast to add to your listening list is the UI Breakfast Podcast. This one offers insights from industry professionals about UX, UI, design, development, and everything in between.

UI Breakfast ux user experience podcast

99% Invisible

Here’s another podcast you’ll want to check out! 99% Invisible goes all-in on UI and UX discussions. It also covers new products, marketing tactics, and in-depth interviews with industry leaders.

99% Invisible ux user experience podcast


Wireframe goes in-depth on UX design with interviews with designers in every industry and all specialties. It’s hosted by Khoi Vinh, the principal designer at Adobe, and serves to give a human context for design decisions.

Wireframe ux user experience podcast

What is Wrong with UX

What is Wrong with UX is an intriguingly-titled podcast hosted by Kate and Laura, who go head-to-head in discussions over what makes user experience design fail.

What is Wrong with UX ux user experience podcast

Design Details

The last podcast on our list is Design Details. This podcast is hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin and is published weekly with interviews and discussions focusing on the design process as well as the culture around design.

Design Details ux user experience podcast


The UXPodcast is published twice a month and focuses primarily on the digital design industry. It also regularly discusses UX technology and industry insights. The podcast has been going since 2011, and episodes are published every other Friday.

UXPodcast ux user experience podcast

High Resolution

High Resolution is another excellent podcast you’ll want to check out. It’s aimed at the design community as a whole, with an emphasis on business. The podcast is actually a limited video series, but it qualifies for our list since it consists of six months worth of weekly guests diving into discussions about how they tackle design projects.

High Resolution ux user experience podcast

UX & Growth Podcast

Another podcast you should check out is the UX & Growth Podcast. Hosted by Austin Knight, a product designer from Google and a former employee at HubSpot, this podcast focuses on people from other companies who have excelled in UX design and how their efforts impact growth.

UX & Growth ux user experience podcast

Writers in Tech Podcast

Writers in Tech is another compelling podcast that you’ll want to listen to regularly. As its title would suggest, it focuses primarily on UX writing with guests from product teams from all over the world. This podcast serves as support for the UX Writing Hub, which offers articles, workshops, and courses in the UX space.

Listen to Podcasts for UX Designers and Learn

No matter how experienced you are within a given industry, there’s always room to grow. That’s why it’s a good idea to listen to some podcasts made with UX designers in mind.

Not only will you learn something about your industry and about how to do better within it, but you’ll also likely be entertained as well!

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