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UX Trends


10 Fantastic Podcasts for UX Designers

We’ve put together a fantastic collection of podcasts aimed squarely at UX designers that you should definitely add to your regular listening list.


8 Fantastic Onboarding Carousel HTML & CSS Snippets

We have a collection of onboarding CSS & HTML code snippets that will help you to get started with building a better user experience for your product.


The 20+ Best Banner Mockup Templates for Photoshop for 2021

These photo-realistic banner mockup PSD templates for Photoshop are all easy to use and will help turn your artistic vision into reality.


The Time-Saving Design Trend & How to Use It

A functional website is no longer enough to set a brand apart from competitors. To stand out, digital assets need to look beautiful, function seamlessly, and immediately cater to a…


How We Can Improve UX Education in 2019

2018 was a banner year for UX education. With an increasing barrage of conferences, bootcamps, meetups, and mentoring, it became easier than ever for new designers to learn the trade….


The Rise of the Almost-Flat Design Web Trend

Starting as an alternative to the then-popular skeuomorphic style, flat design originated as a wholly simplistic and minimalist style that lived up to it’s name. Throughout the last few years,…


Effective Use of Negative Space in Web Design

A lot of designers make a big mistake by creating overly complex, busy, and colorful web pages. If it’s not intentional, you should avoid creating complex interfaces and use more…


Exploring the Long Scrolling Web Design Trend

The smaller the screen, the longer the scroll. That truism explains the rise of the long scrolling: with mobile browsing overtaking desktop browsing, the popularity of small screens has urged…


Exercise Caution When Using These Popular Web Design Trends

Like most cultural products, web design has its own zeitgeist. Every year sees a new crop of popular design components, features, and trends. Attitudes change rapidly, especially with the fast…


Three Common UI Trends eCommerce Loves But Should Hate

There’s a dangerous little lie the design community has propagated around the internet. Like every entrenched myth, it’s anchored in a bit of truth, which makes it difficult to weed…


The Top Web Design Trends of 2017 (And One for 2018)

In the world of web design, it’s never too early to start looking ahead. However, it’s also important to analyze the past. As 2017 closes, take a look at the…


Current Design Trends for Blogs and Online Magazines