20 Free Vintage & Retro Texture Packs

Each time we flip through the memory books of bygone days, we are filled with a sense of nostalgia. The older days had their own charm and sense of awe. Be it in literature, technology or architectural creativity,. Vintage concepts always invoke a feeling of magnificence.

When it comes to design textures too, at times we wish to lend a magnificent or majestic feel to our work. It is here that vintage textures can come in handy. Today, we have collected 20 high-resolution free vintage textures for you to use in your next design.

If you’re looking for textures with a higher resolution, take a look at this post.

Vintage Texture Pack (5 Textures)

Vintage Texture Pack 5 Textures

Big Vintage Textures 13 (6 Textures)

Big Vintage Textures 13 6 Textures

Vintage Paper (9 Textures)

Vintage Paper 9 Textures

Vintage Texture Set 2 (12 Textures)

Vintage Texture Set 2 12 Textures

Vintahe (3 Textures)

Vintahe 3 Textures

Vintage Sweet Heart (9 Textures)

Vintage Sweet Heart 9 Textures

Vintage Background Textures Pk2 (20 Textures)

Vintage Background Textures Pk2 20 Textures

Victorian Grunge Texture Pack (5 Textures)

Victorian Grunge Texture Pack 5 Textures

Vintage Paper (5 Textures)

Vintage Paper 5 Textures

Vintage II Texture Pack (12 Textures)

Vintage II Texture Pack 12 Textures

Vintage Textures (13 Textures)

Vintage Textures 13 Textures

Vintage Star Pattern (3 Textures)

Vintage Star Pattern 3 Textures

Art & Vintage Textures (15 Textures)

Art Vintage Textures 15 Textures

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack (6 Textures)

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack 6 Textures

Old Paper Textures (10 Textures)

Old Paper Textures 10 Textures

Vintage Book Textures (18 Textures)

Vintage Book Textures 18 Textures