230+ Free High-Quality Vintage Textures For Creatives


Vintage textures hold a unique place in modern design, bridging contemporary aesthetics and the rich styles of past eras. They are highly valued for their ability to introduce depth and character into a variety of design projects.

When used well, vintage textures can significantly improve your designs with nostalgic layers of history and emotion, creating a more engaging user experience. Whether used in digital art, media, print, or branding, vintage textures can help transform a simple design into something memorable.

In this collection, you’ll find paper, grainy, grungy, floral, line, and many other vintage texture types. Whether used in digital media, print, or branding, these free vintage textures can help you transform the simplest of designs into something memorable. 

High-Resolution Vintage & Retro Texture Packs

Vintage Textures Pack (Free, 36 Textures)

Vintage Textures Pack Free

Vintage Line Textures (10 Textures in EPS & JPG Formats)

Vintage Line Textures Free

Retro Film Texture Pack (Free, 10 Textures in JPG Format)

Retro Film Texture Pack Free

Various Vintage Texture Package (10 Textures in EPS & PNG)

Various Vintage Texture Package Free

Film Dust Grunge Textures (Free, 12 Textures in JPG Format)

Film Dust Grunge Textures Free

Vintage Grain Texture Pack (50 Textures in JPG Format)

Vintage Grain Texture Pack Free

Vintage Japanese Paper Textures (Free, 12 Textures in JPG Format)

Vintage Japanese Paper Textures Free

Vector Vintage Textures Pack (30 Textures in EPS & PNG Formats)

Vector Vintage Textures Pack Free

Vintage Textures from Kate Dehler (Free, 5 Textures in JPG Format)

Vintage Textures from Kate Dehler Free

Old Vintage Paper Textures (15 Textures in JPG Format)

Old Vintage Paper Textures Free

Indieground Vintage Paper Textures (Free, 5 Textures in JPG Format)

Indieground Vintage Paper Textures Free

Vintage Book Textures (8 Textures in EPS & PNG Formats)

Vintage Book Textures Free

Tortured Paper Textures (Free, 10 Textures in JPG Format)

Tortured Paper Textures Free

Vintage Photo Texture & Overlays (10 Textures in EPS & JPG)

Vintage Photo Texture Overlays Free

Vintage Old Paper (Free, 4 Textures in JPG Format)

Vintage Old Paper Free

Vintage Grit Texture Pack (Free, 3 Textures in EPS, AI & PNG Formats)

Vintage Grit Texture Pack Free

Vintage Paper Texture Set (Free, 16 Textures in JPG Format)

Vintage Paper Texture Set Free

Worn Vintage Textures Pack (Free, 10 Textures in EPS, AI & PNG Formats)

Worn Vintage Textures Pack Free

Smaller Vintage Texture Packs

Wood Textures FAQs

  • What are vintage textures?
    Vintage textures are digital images that mimic the appearance and feel of materials from the past. They often include signs of wear and aging, such as scratches, faded colors, and distressed patterns.
  • Where can I use these vintage textures?
    They are used in a variety of design projects to give a retro or aged look. They are popular in graphic design for creating backgrounds, improving typography, and giving logos and branding a unique old-school touch.
  • Are these vintage textures free for commercial use?
    Most of these vintage textures are available for use in both personal and commercial projects, but licensing terms can vary. Always check the license for each texture pack to confirm.
  • How can I edit these vintage textures to fit my project?
    You can adjust these vintage textures using graphic editing software, like Photoshop or Illustrator, to better match your design needs. Editing can include changing the color balance, adjusting opacity, or cropping to fit specific dimensions.
  • How do I download and apply these textures to my designs?
    To download a texture, click on the link associated with the texture pack you want to use. This will take you to a download page where you can save the textures. Once downloaded, you can import them into your favorite design software and layer them onto your projects.
  • What file formats do these vintage textures come in?
    The textures are typically available in common file formats such as JPEG and PNG, but you will also find some in Illustrator AI and EPS formats.
  • Are there any tips for using vintage textures in design?
    Consider your project’s overall theme and color scheme to ensure they complement rather than overwhelm the design. Using layer blending modes and opacity settings can help integrate the texture subtly.

More Free Texture Packs

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