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Weekly News for Designers № 514

By on November 16th, 2019 Designer News

A Touch of Neon in Web Design – You may have noticed numerous millennial-targeted sites using neon gradients and colors, it has become fairly popular. We explore this tiny web design trend.
A Touch of Neon in Web Design

Paged.js – is an open-source library for paginating content in the browser. Based on the W3C specifications, it’s a sort of polyfill for Paged Media and Generated Content for Paged Media CSS modules.

Pac-Man… in CSS! – While leveraging the powers of the clip-path property, Maks Akymenko shows you how to build an animated Pac-Man character.
Pac-Man in CSS

Designing for Performance eBook – Lara Hogan’s popular book is now free to read online!
Designing for Performance eBook

Leon Sans Geometric Sans-Serif – A free geometric sans-serif typeface – made with code – that allows you to change font weight dynamically and to create custom animations, effects or shapes using the Canvas element of HTML5.
Leon Sans Geometric Sans-Serif

Recursive Sans & Mono is a new variable type family built for better coding & UI design.
Recursive Sans Mono

Ideas for Making the WordPress Back End More User-Friendly – Introducing clients to the WordPress dashboard can be difficult; therefore, we need to improve the experience. Here are a few simple ways to do just that.
Ideas for Making the WordPress Back End More User Friendly

What Newspapers Can Teach Us About Web Design – From the Gutenberg Principle to grid systems to above the fold, newspapers teach us much about the foundations of web design.
What Newspapers Can Teach Us About Web Design

The Svelte Handbook – A free ebook to help you quickly learn Svelte and get familiar with how it works.
The Svelte Handbook

Sidebearings – Created for use by both beginners and advanced type designers, it is a comprehensive collection of typography and lettering resources.

Izmir ImageHover CSS Library – A mini CSS library built by Ciaran Walsh for quickly creating beautiful image hover elements.
Izmir ImageHover CSS Library

iOS vs. Android App UI Design – If you’re designing both an iOS and an Android version of an app, this guide is for you.
iOS vs. Android App UI Design

SVG Gradient Wave Generator.
SVG Gradient Wave Generator

Amazing Collection of CSS & JavaScript Calculators – We’ve a collection of code snippets that calculate all sorts of things. Not only are they useful, but also demonstrate the power of both CSS and JavaScript.
Amazing Collection of CSS JavaScript Calculators

WordPress Admin Colors Generator – A new web-based tool for creating your own WordPress Admin color scheme.
WordPress Admin Colors Generator

Website Carbon Calculator – A simple tool for measuring how much your website is impacting the planet.
Website Carbon Calculator

Free Adobe XD UI Kits for Web & Mobile App Designers.
Free Adobe XD UI Kits