21 Dreamweaver Extensions for CSS

21 Excellent Dreamweaver Extensions for CSS Productivity and W3C Standards.
15 of these extensions are freeware, the further 6 were that good I had to include them. They are worth the price.

CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: CSS Sculptor helps you create the custom Web standards compliant, CSS-based layout you want and flatten the CSS learning curve. You can choose from any of the 41 included layouts. Specify margins and padding for any page element along with type properties for paragraphs, headings and link states. Bring in background colors, background images (repeating or not) or any style of border. Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor generates styles sheets for both screen and print in one operation. You can even save your modified layouts as new presets to be easily re-created or modified further.
Homepage and Download: http://www.webassist.com.

CSS Menu Writer for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: Master the challenge of creating Web standards compliant, CSS-based site navigation with CSS Menu Writer. Insert horizontal or vertical menus – 4 styles of each in 12 different color schemes – in any Dreamweaver page. Customize your menus to get just the right look and feel for your sites. Change the width, height, font properties, padding, margin, background image or color, and border for any menu level. Add as many main menu or submenus as you’d like: there’s no limit. You can even populate your menus from your current site’s folders and files with the click of a button. Save your personalized menu designs as custom presets to reuse any time on any site. Navigate to the pro menu creator: CSS Menu Writer.
Homepage and Download: http://www.webassist.com.

Complete CSS Menu

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: Complete CSS Menu is an extension which implements a menu system using CSS only. Unlike many other menu solutions, this solution scales to the text size, uses only CSS – no JavaScript, no CSS hacks, works in all current browsers and can be easily integrated into your existing web pages.
Homepage and Download: http://www.kaosweaver.com/.

Create CSS Files From Style Tags (freeware)

Description: Remove’s all Style tags from the current document and create’s a new CSS file with the removed CSS Style’s in. Then add’s a CSS include to the new CSS file into the current document.
Download: Create CSS Files From Style Tags.

Coffee CSS Template (freeware)

Description: The extension adds a new CSS Page Design called Coffee to the existing CSS Page Designs.
Download: Coffee CSS Template.

Link Fader v1.0.8 (freeware)

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: This behavior will fade a link color from the selected start color to the selected end color when the mouse is over the link. It will then fade from the end color back to the start color when the mouse moves off of the link. The effect has been tested in IE v5.5+ and NN v7.x+ as working. It fails gracefully (does nothing) in NN v4.x.
Homepage and Download: http://www.kaosweaver.com/.

Mighty Flighty CSS Template (freeware)

Description: The extension adds a new CSS Page Design called “Mighty Flighty” to the existing CSS Page Designs.
Download: Mighty Flighty CSS Template.

Alternate CSS (freeware)

Description: Create the code for alternate CSS into the Head.
Homepage and Download: http://www.lupin3000.de/.

PluginLab CSS Tree Menu

Description: This extension will allow you to generate and manage a PluginLab CSS Tree Menu navigational tool.
Download: PluginLab CSS Tree Menu.

External CSS Pak

Description: This extension enables the user to quicky open and insert external CSS files from within Dreamweaver’s code view and code inspector.
Download: External CSS Pak.

W3C Change CSS Class (freeware)

Description: This extension changes the CSS Class of the Current Object.
Download: W3C Change CSS Class.

Advanced CSS File Include (freeware)

Description: Inserts a properly formatted (CSS1 Standard) Link reference for an attached css file.
Download: Advanced CSS File Include.

CSS Layout Magic

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: Simply open the PVII Page Pack window and choose from 12 stable, cross-browser, minimally styled CSS layouts available in one, two, and three column formats. Click Create and your layout is automatically created and ready for you to customize. CSS Layout Magic does the hard parts and leaves you with a solid base from which to work.
Homepage and Download: http://www.projectseven.com/.

Format Table CSS (freeware)

Description: This extension installs a command that allows you format a selected table using css classes.
Download: Format Table CSS.

CSS Target Media Type Interface (freeware)

Description: By default, Dreamweaver MX 2004 renders pages for the “screen” media type. The media type for which Dreamweaver renders page content can be changed via the dw.cssStylePalette.setMediaType() API call and viewed by the dw.cssStylePalette.getMediaType() API call. This extension implements a simple user interface for using these API calls. See http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/media.html for more information regarding CSS media types.

The DW MX 2004 Media Type rendering choice is stored internally — it does not alter any pages. Changing the media type rendering applies to all open documents and remains in effect for all subsequently opened documents until changed again by dw.cssStylePalette.setMediaType() (as called by this extension).
Download: CSS Target Media Type Interface.

List-O-Rama! (freeware)

Description: List-O-Rama will allow you to generate nice CSS inline menus in seconds. Just walk through the wizard and insert the text of the links, choose the vertical or horizontal menu, pick the design and click on finish. The code is automatically generated and inserted in your page. It can’t get any easier than this.
Homepage and Download: http://www.dmxzone.com/.

Apply CSS class to form elements (freeware)

Description: Allows you to easly set Form, Select, Textarea & Input tag’s class attribute. If you have multiple CSS classes defined using style tags or CSS Classes defined using Linked External Style Sheets, This extension will allow you to quickly assign these classes to every form element or object element of the current active page.
Download: Apply CSS class to form elements.

PHP CSS on Browser (freeware)

Description: This extension allows you to select a different stylesheet for the following four browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape 4, Netscape 6 and Opera.
Note: This extension requires Interakt’s PHP Server Model for Ultradev. Download it at www.interakt.ro/phakt/.
Download: PHP CSS on Browser.

IQ by PVII: A Stroke of CSS Genius

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: Create up to 28 engaging CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver— Instantly.
Homepage and Download: http://www.projectseven.com.

CSS Links (freeware)

Description: When this extension is placed into the ‘Head’ of a document, it turns regular links into ‘Cool’ Style Sheet links that change color when highlighted and have no underlines.
Download: CSS Links.

Style Switcher Lite (freeware)

Dreamweaver CSS ExtensionsDescription: Switches the Cascading Style Sheet based upon the time of day! Can be set to any hour for the start and end of day, even going over midnight. Will also bring up the past installations of the command for easy editing. Use to show your site “asleep”.
Homepage and Download: http://www.kaosweaver.com.

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