jQuery UI 1.6 free Book Competition Winner Information

A month ago we ran a competition to win a free book called jQuery UI 1.6: The User Interface Library for jQuery. Clearly, with jQuerys popularity and current cool factor, a lot of people wanted this book. It was simple to enter, all you had to do was leave a funny comment writing why you really, really wanted the book.
There was a lot of great and funny comments and it was very hard to choose the winner. Alas, we did choose a winner. We felt guilty about taking his precious book, so, yes, we better return it. We are also looking forward to posting a screenshot of your next design. Remember it has to be designed with tables, using Comic Sans throughout and only using the colors purple and yellow.
We are going to keep your wallet, though.
Thanks for all the comments.

WINNER: Rorschach Design

Funny story here … so I go to this book store, and I’m looking through all the books that might help me become a better developer/designer, and I buy jQuery UI 1.6: The User Interface Library for jQuery … seriously, because really, what good is a site without a sweet UI. I’m walking home, proud as a peacock when all of a sudden this ray of light beams down and this little dude is at my feet looking up. He tells me that if I don’t give him my book, that he will do unspeakable things to me, he’ll force me to use tables and never create a liquid layout in my life, he will force me to use courier and comic sans for every navigation area I ever try and create, and worst of all, he will make me do all this in yellow and purple … so I think you can see my dilemma here, I had to give this little alien dude the book, and now I need it back, cuz he also took my wallet!
Comments we also loved…
I don’t want to print all JQuery UI’s web documentation.

By Nanane.

I need a new “thumping manual”… for actually *thumping* people. Hard. Whenever they try to roll their own Ajax, roll their own JSON, roll their own Rich Internet BS. I need a new book. With which to hit them. Did I mention hard?

By Piers Hollott.

Can’t find it on a p2p yet.. :p

By Victor.

Paper is awesome, and things made with paper are awesomer, and things made with paper that is glued together and have little bits of black spots on their interior surfaces with shiny orange spots on their exterior surfaces are awesomer still, especially so when those black spots mean something about something digital.
And if I had such an awesome thing, I would love it and treasure it and pet it and call it ‘George.’ And I would read it and learn from it and put its principles into practice and keep it safe in a nice little nest I constructed from old egg cartons the kind made from paper not the kind made from plastic and some of that crinkly easter grass that is made from plastic but is blue and green and has one or two of those black jelly beans in there still because i don’t like to eat the black jelly beans so much no i prefer the jelly beans that are not black the green ones are nice and the red ones are nice and the orange ones that are orange like the cover of the book are especially nice.

By OtherMichael.

I want to win this book so I can grow my skillset, which will in-turn grow my business, which will in-turn generate enough revenue to purchase an excellently-large amount of adspace on speckyboy, which will in-turn allow speckyboy to continue to give away rad books.
Oh, and world peace and stuff…

By Erica.

Thanks to everyone for entering, better luck next time.

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