Winners Announced – WordPress Development Books Competition

Last weeks we published the competition Two Free WordPress Development Books for Two Lucky Readers, it has now ended and it is time to announce the winners.

Thanks to PACKT Publishing for donating these books, and an evener bigger thank you to all of our readers who have left a comment. Sadly we could only pick (at random) only two lucky winners. And to everyone that hasn’t won, all we can say is that better luck next time, and good luck with any of our future competitions.

Anyway, here are our two winners:

The Winners

Winner Name: William Waldon
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Winning Comment: “I fired my first client 2 days ago, it was very empowering. What would be even more empowering is to know WordPress inside and out.
I absolutely love WP and have been a long time SB lurker, GREAT CONTEST!
What do you call 1000 ants rolling down a hill?
Answer: An avalANTS!”
Thanks for the contest, take it easy.”

Winner Name: Allison
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Winning Comment: “blogger, facebook, twitter, website….. now wordpress.. Yep I am jack of all trades.. now want to be master of WordPress…. teach me oh master book, teach me. (pick me)”

WordPress 3.0 jQuery

WordPress 3.0 jQueryThis easy-to-use guide will walk you through the ins and outs of creating sophisticated, professional enhancements and features, specially tailored to take advantage of the WordPress personal publishing platform. It will walk you through clear, step-by-step instructions to build several custom jQuery solutions for various types of hypothetical clients and also show you how to create a jQuery and WordPress Plugin.This book covers step-by-step instructions for creating robust and flexible jQuery solutions for today’s top site enhancements: expanding/sliding content, rotating slideshows and other animation tricks, great uses of jQuery’s UI plugin widgets as well as AJAX techniques. Along with these it will also show you best practices for jQuery and WordPress development.

You can also download a sample chapter, by clicking here: Chapter 3 – Digging Deeper: Understanding jQuery and WordPress Together.

WordPress Top Plugins

WordPress Top PluginsA WordPress plugin is a collection of files (PHP, javascript, css) that creates a small feature or modification to your WordPress blog. WordPress Top Plugins will teach you to add these plugins to an already built base WordPress site, and customize them where applicable.
This book will walk you through finding and installing the best plugins for generating and sharing content, for building communities and reader base, and for generating real advertising revenue.
There is literally a plugin for almost anything you want to achieve in WordPress.

You can also download a sample chapter, by clicking here: Chapter 2 – Generating Content.

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