25 Free PSD Coloring Resources for Photographers

Want a simple way to add some flavor to your photos? You could mess around with filters in Photoshop, or you can use a coloring PSD to quickly drop an effect on your photograph. This article is a collection of PSD coloring resources for photographers. Basically, these are Photoshop files with coloring layers that let photographers to quickly give any photograph coloring effects.

Not sure how to use coloring PSD files? No problem: this is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use coloring PSD files. It walks you through loading your photograph, working with layers, a layer palette, and the PSD file.

Alright, without further ado, here is the main star of the show: PSD coloring files for photographic effects

PSD Coloring Effects

Love Story Color PSD

Love Story psd photography coloring

Love Story Download Page →

Fences Coloring Template

Fences psd color template free

Fences Download Page →

Ultraviolet Coloring PSD Template

Ultraviolet psd photography coloring

Ultraviolet Download Page →

Only Silence Coloring Template

Only Silence psd color template free

Only Silence PSD Download Page →

Johnnyrockets Coloring PSD Template

Johnnyrockets psd photography coloring

Johnnyrockets Download Page →

Stay Strong Color PSD

Stay Strong psd color template free

Stay Strong Download Page →

This Is a Dark Love Color PSD

This Is a Dark Love psd photography coloring

This Is a Dark Love Download Page →

Dreams Coloring Template

Dreams psd color template free

Dreams Download Page →

The Notebook Coloring Template

The Notebook psd photography coloring

The Notebook Download Page →

Train Coloring PSD Template

Train psd color template free

Train PSD Download Page →

B & W Coloring PSD Template

black white psd photography coloring

B & W PSD Download Page →

Stop the World Coloring Template

Stop the World psd color template free

Stop the World Download Page →

A Year Without Rain Color PSD

A Year Without Rain psd photography coloring

A Year Without Rain Download Page →

Honest Color PSD

Honest psd color template free

Honest Download Page →

Magical Angel Coloring Template

Magical Angel psd photography coloring

Magical Angel Download Page →

For Your Wish Coloring Template

For Your Wish psd color template free

For Your Wish Download Page →

Castiel Coloring PSD Template

psd color template free

Castiel Download Page →

Awards Show Coloring PSD Template

Awards Show psd photography coloring

Awards Show Download Page →

Teardrops on My Guitar Color PSD

Teardrops on My Guitar template photography coloring

Teardrops on My Guitar Download Page →

Colorful Color PSD Coloring Template

Colorful psd color template free

Colorful Download Page →

Red Yellow Coloring Template

Red Yellow template photography coloring

Red Yellow Download Page →

Nature Coloring Template

Nature psd color template free

Nature Download Page →

Forever Coloring PSD Template

Forever template photography coloring

Forever Download Page →

PSD 012 Color PSD

psd color template free

PSD Download Page →

Coloring 24

Coloring 24 psd color template free

Coloring 24 Download Page →

PSD 2 Color PSD

psd color template free

PSD Download Page →

Coloring 05

Coloring 05 template photography coloring

PSD Download Page →

PSD Color Template

psd color template free

PSD Download Page →

Your Favorite PSD Coloring Effects

Over to you: what awesome coloring effect is missing from this list of PSD coloring files for photographers? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments section below.

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