Beautiful Bokeh Photography – Capturing the details of life great and small

A photograph can communicate the visual detail of a scene in a way difficult to capture in words. But art, captures still more.

The Japanese are an amazing people with a rich culture and beautiful art. They have a unique approach to everything from poetry to photography. Bokeh, is a style of Japanese photography that allows the world to fade away while bringing one specific subject into perfect clarity down to the last detail.

In this gallery, we have 40 beautiful examples of Bokeh photography that capture the details of life great and small.

Bokeh Art

Bokeh Art -  Photography

Bokeh Photography by Michael

Bokeh Photography


Attached -  Photography

Water Flow

Water Flow -  Photography


Esquema -  Photography

Send a Little Love My Way

Send a Little Love My Way -  Photography

You Own the Key of my Heart

You Own the Key of my Heart -  Photography

Wan Fujing

Wan Fujing -  Photography


Lustre -  Photography

Water Fountain

Water Fountain -  Photography

She Gathers Rain

She Gathers Rain -  Photography

When the Question is About Hunger

When the Question is About Hunger -  Photography

Some Kid and Mr.Bokeh

Some Kid and Mr.Bokeh -  Photography

Golden Glitter

Golden Glitter -  Photography

Swim In Deep

Swim In Deep -  Photography

Day Eighty Six

Day Eighty Six -  Photography

Christmas Bokeh Light Photo

Christmas Bokeh Light Photo -  Photography

Happy Bokeh Wednesday

Happy Bokeh Wednesday -  Photography

The Summer and the Snow

The Summer and the Snow -  Photography

Its Raining Bokeh

Its Raining Bokeh -  Photography

Plaza Lights

Plaza Lights -  Photography

Cloths Pins

Cloths Pins -  Photography

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf -  Photography

When Your Heart Stops

When Your Heart Stops -  Photography

House of Cards

House of Cards -  Photography

Daisy Drops

Daisy Drops -  Photography


Octopus -  Photography

Bokeh from Magdalena

Bokeh from Magdalena -  Photography


Fallen -  Photography

Web Full of Gold

Web Full of Gold -  Photography

My Diamond House

My Diamond House -  Photography

Still See You

Still See You -  Photography

A Summer Dream

A Summer Dream -  Photography

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher -  Photography

Your Technicolor Heart

Your Technicolor Heart -  Photography

Blowing Magic

Blowing Magic -  Photography

In Flood Light

In Flood Light -  Photography

Valentines Bokeh

Valentines Bokeh -  Photography


Bokeh -  Photography

Bridal Bokeh

Bridal Bokeh -  Photography

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