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About: Marcin Treder is a design enthusiast who literally lives for creating best user experience possible. After years working as a UX Designer and a UX Manager he focused on his own startup UXPin - The UX Design App, that provides tools for UX Designers all over the world and was supported by some of the best investors in the world including Andreessen/Horowitz (Facebook, Instagram…), Gil Penchina (Linkedin, Paypal) and Freestyle Capital (Typekit).

Free Ebook: Web UI Design Patterns 2014

In web UI design, there now exist many new approaches to transition cleanly between devices while preserving the user experience. And in this free eBook – Web UI Design Patterns 2014: A Deeper Look at the Hottest Websites and Web Apps Today – UXPin analyzes a selection of 63 UI design patterns through the lens of today’s top companies, including…


Making Bad Feedback from Your Boss or Client Actionable

Most designers work in non-design orientated cultures, where the majority of the people you work with do not have a core understanding of design principles. Believe me. I was one of them. Before focusing completely on building and running UXPin, I was working as a full time in-house UX Designer and UX Manager. One of the most difficult things when…


Mix and Match Typography Websites

2013 popularized a typography style that we previously knew from fancy t-shirts rather than websites – mixing and matching several styles of fonts. The complex art of choosing the right font has been stretched to the extreme with this trend. UXPin has reported, after feedback from designers, that mix and match typography is a major and still growing web design…


The Dark Side of User Experience Design

User Experience Design became a huge trend in the Interactive Industry. Working as a UX designer, UX manager and finally creating UXPin – I soaked up the design field. Even so, this UX revolution came to me as a surprise. Time for UX Design “Design and marketing aren’t just as important as engineering: they are way more important” says Dave…


Don’t Just Wireframe – Tell the Design Story

The growth of the User Experience Design field is astonishing, but well deserved. Thanks to UX Designers all over the world, the quality of products has increased dramatically. Design really does matter now. It’s not only Apple on the scene anymore. Samsung gizmos look better than ever. Google has redesigned all of its products. Literally every successful startup looks and…