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End of an Era: Adobe Pulls the Plug on Fireworks

If you are a user of the popular UI design and prototyping tool Adobe Fireworks, this will greatly concern you: At the recent MAX conference, Adobe announced their next generation of tools (known as CC), including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash Pro… and many others. But not including Fireworks. What does this mean for Fireworks? Well, tragically it does means they are…

Adobe Fireworks Wireframing Resources and Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks is one of the most popular application choices amongst web designers for wireframing and prototyping. There are many reasons as for prototyping with Fireworks over any other graphic editor, but we won’t go into them with this post (perhaps you could try this one: A Case for Adobe Fireworks against Photoshop and Illustrator). What this post will offer…

25 Awesome Adobe Fireworks Resources for Web and App Developers

Adobe Fireworks’ features and work-flow undeniably make it the industry pioneer and leader for web graphic prototyping and rapid web site building. Even though, with each new version, Adobe have slowly over-loaded it with new features – some of these have proved to be useful and popular, while others have simply been pointless – but at its core it will…

70+ Adobe Fireworks Resources – Is there a future for Fireworks?

Resources for Adobe Fireworks seem to be few and far between, what is happening? Has Fireworks ran its course, or is it simply not cool any more? Was it ever cool? Photoshop was always the better and more powerful (definitely, harder to use), it seems to have totally taken over. I use Fireworks all the time for quick mock ups, and Photoshop for everything else. It is possibly the easiest graphics editor I have ever used, and would recommend it to anyone.