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The iPhone 5 Photoshop GUI Templates from Teehan & Lax

As you will probably know, Teehan+Lax have a history of providing highly detailed iOS GUI templates. And last week, not long after the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, they released an updated version of their Photoshop GUI templates. Most importantly, these templates are free to download from their site. If you’re working with iOS apps as a…


Native Apps or Web Apps?

The burning debate between native apps and web apps that became the present-day martial epic – seemingly neverending – has finally found its end. Fred Cavazza said “it’s complicated“. Matthew Baxter-Reynolds said that HTML5 might replace native apps. Brad Frost said “native vs web is total bullshit” and that we should “embrace the advantages of both native and web to…


Browser Wars 2.0: Bring it on!

The internet has witnessed umpteen developments in the evolution of social/professional networking, online gaming & entertainment, and e-commerce, but none matches the sheer scale, speed and impact of those in the browser arena. Whether or not you are an avid online networker, gamer or buyer, if you use the internet, you are inevitably affected by the browser wars. And, no…


Web Icons & the iPad Retina Display

I am now a proud owner of the brand new iPad 3 and must admit I’m rather impressed. I’ve never been an Apple fan but I think the new iPad 3 Retina Display is truly something to behold. The pin-sharp, full HD screen has the potential to make your websites and apps look stunning. But beware, at such a high…


Key Elements for a Successful Mobile User Experience

Many graphics designers are moving towards the popular trend in mobile apps. You can design some incredible native applications and mobile web interfaces by working with well-deserved techniques. The best mobile experience should function as quickly and effortlessly as possible. In this article I want to introduce some important elements for any mobile design. You’ll have to consider many situations…


Why We Chose HTML5 Over Native Apps

My company recently had a tough decision to make. It was a decision that many developers are facing these days. Our sports news application LockerPulse hadn’t been updated since 2010 and was due for an overhaul. In the time that had passed since our last major update, the mobile web had exploded. Consequently we observed that an increasingly higher percentage…


Popular Tools for Cross Platform Mobile Development

It used to be time-consuming to port apps between iOS and Android devices due to differences in the development environments, Xcode and Eclipse ,and the programming languages, Objective C and Java. Plus, there has always been the fragmentation of devices and screen resolutions on Android devices to contend with. Thankfully, due to several emerging cross platform development environments, it is…

A Quick Guide to Mobile App Usability Testing

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 ushered in a revolution in computing that placed apps at the center of the mobile experience. The ubiquity of Apple’s iTunes store, and the later entry of Google’s Android platform, served to kick start this ‘appconomy’ which has generated billions of dollars in revenue and fostered an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists,…