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30 New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look At

Hundreds upon hundreds of new jQuery plugins are released every year. Some basic, offering simple functions, others can be complex offering far more functionalities. Either way, both types of plugins are always useful. Today, with this jQuery round-up, we will focus on both types and highlight 30 plugins that we feel have been the most useful and innovative from the…


Microsoft TypeScript: “Syntactic Sugar” For JavaScript

Are you involved in application-level development using JavaScript? If so, this news might interest you! A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a new JavaScript-like programming language named TypeScript. At its most basic level, TypeScript operates by translating code into JavaScript (that enables its apps to run in any browser). The language itself is pretty similar to JavaScript in terms of…


JavaScript Code Debugging for Beginners

Scripting has become an entire class of web development unto itself. With modern day libraries prominently including jQuery we are seeing more HTML/CSS developers taking an interest in coding JavaScript. Admittedly it can be tough to handle at first, especially when it comes to JavaScript code debugging. How you deal with bugs and errors is a true sign for your…