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Welcome to our JavaScript archives page. Here you will find articles, tutorials and many resources to help in building your web sites.

HTML5 Video Libraries, Toolkits and Players

For the most part, Flash has always been the standard for showing video on the web (think of YouTube and Vimeo), supported in all browsers with the only exception being the iPhone and most recently, the iPad. But now, with HTML5, the new video tag is creeping into our lives and opening up many new, exciting and standardized media possibilities…

15 Javascript Plugins For Adding Ratings to Your Site

Giving users the ability to interact with your web site is one of the key elements to its success. Allowing users to post a comment or response and socially sharing are two of the basic fundamentals of web interaction, another, maybe less popular, is giving users the quickfire option of grading or rating a post, by using the super simple…

jQuery Cheatsheets, Docs and References

A few months back jQuery was updated to version 1.4, with loads of new features and improvements. Yep, jQuery is now even more indispensable, and with more functions, methods and arguments to try and learn and remember.
Trying to remember all of the jQuery functions is impossible. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or how much you use jQuery, we all need a handy and useful reference to refresh the memory and guide us. That is were cheatsheets come in.

25 Tutorials and Resources for Learning jQuery UI

There are many many tutorials and plugins for the jQuery core, but not so many that focus on jQuery UI. jQuery UI has been criticized in the past for its lack of documentation and support, but times have changed. Accompanied by its content rich website, in-depth docs and, especially, support from the jQuery community as a whole, jQuery UI has become huge and has never been easier to use.

15 Tips and Techniques for Styling the button element

Lets be honest, most of the form buttons that you come across are ugly, they work as intended, but really, really look awful. There are reasons for this, firstly form buttons, as with almost anything to do with forms, are notoriously tricky to style with consistency, and secondly, styling can cause major problems with cross browser and cross platform compatibility….