10 WordPress Plugins for Flickr

Flickr, like Twitter and YouTube seems to be everywhere nowadays. And just to make things that little bit easier here are 10 WordPress Plugins for Flickr:

Flickr Photo Album for WordPress

Wordpress Flickr PluginDescription: This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site. There is a pretty simple template provided, but you can customize the templates 100% to match the look and feel of your own site. And if you want, you could also hook it up with Lightbox or any other number of display libraries.
On the backend, this plugin will also add a new Flickr icon to your WordPress edit screen which will allow you to easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts with just a couple clicks. You can either have your inserted photos link back to your WordPress Flickr photo album or directly to your Flickr.com photo page.
URL: http://tantannoodles.com/toolkit/photo-album/.

Flickr Manager for WordPress

Wordpress Flickr PluginDescription: WordPress Flickr Manager is an easy to use plugin that seamlessly integrates your Flickr account with your WordPress backend. It replaces the browse panel from previous versions, but legacy mode can be enabled through the options menu. You also have the choice between Highslide and Lightbox.
URL: http://tgardner.net/wordpress-flickr-manager/.

Flickr Tag Plugin for WordPress

Wordpress Flickr PluginDescription: This plugin downloads all of your Flickr images onto your own server and allows them to appear on your own gallery. Nice and simple.
URL: http://www.webopticon.com/archives/148.

SimpleFlickr for WordPress

Wordpress Flickr PluginDescription: This is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to embed a flickr integrated simpleviewer into your WordPress site. In addition, you are able to specify a path to a standard SimpleViewer XML configuration file to display images from a local gallery.
URL: http://wordpress.org/simpleflickr/.

Slickr Gallery for WordPress

Description: Slickr Gallery is a very fast, bandwidth-friendly photo gallery plugin for WordPress. It allows you to pull your Flickr-hosted photos into a gallery section of your blog, as well as easily add Flickr-hosted images to your posts and pages. It is especially useful for people with many Flickr albums/photos.
Slickr Gallery needs a Lightbox plugin to work properly.
URL: http://stimuli.ca/slickr/.

FlickrRSS for WordPress

Description: This plugin for WordPress allows you to display Flickr photos on your weblog. It supports user, set, favorite, group and community photostreams, and is relatively easy to setup and configure via a settings panel. The plugin also has cache support, allowing you to save thumbnails on your own server.
URL: http://eightface.com/wordpress/flickrrss/.

Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress

Description: The Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin makes including and linking to photos on a Flickr account simple and flexible. The links come in the form of thumbnail images that link to their larger, normal formats within the Flickr website. The advantage of this plugin is that it does not use RSS feeds and uses the Flickr API instead.
URL: Flickr Thumbnail Photostream.

Flickr Tag Cloud Widget for WordPress

Wordpress Flickr PluginDescription: This is plugin for the Widget Sidebar in WordPress. It will display your flickr tags as a tag cloud in your blog’s sidebar.
URL: http://wordpress.org/flickr-tag-cloud-widget/.

WP Decoratr for WordPress

Wordpress Flickr PluginDescription: WP Decoratr automatically finds images relevant to your post content from Flickr to spice up your posts.
WP Decoratr is very easy to use and doesn’t need any configuration. It will add a panel on the “Write Post” page. Compose your post as usual and click “Get Images” when you’re done. WP Decoratr will analyse your post content and suggest several matching images. Just click on an image to insert it in your post.
URL: http://wordpresssupplies.com/wp-decoratr/.

Flickr Gallery for WordPress

Description: Using the “shortcodes” system in WordPress 2.5 and up, this plugin will allow you to quickly and easily incorporate your Flickr photos into your WordPress pages and posts.
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flickr-gallery/.

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