30 Free Resources for WordPress Photoblogging and Image Galleries

If you are wanting to create a photoblog, or even just to display your family and personal images on your blog you will find solutions here. From the intricate to the simplest solutions.
The range and variety are vast and below I have listed the best 30 to hopefully narrow your search.

1. Yet Another Photoblog (http://johannes.jarolim.com)

Features:A non invasive WordPress-plugin that converts WP into an easy useable photoblog system; Easy image upload – All WordPress post-features can be used; On the fly thumbnail generation – Use multiple thumbnail sizes where and when you need them: Thumbnail generation gets controlled from the template; EXIF data processing and output; Self-learning EXIF filter – Your own cameras tags can be selected to be viewed; Full i18n-Support through gnutext mo/po files; Ping additional update-service-sites when posting a photoblog entry.
‘Nearly every WP-theme can become a photoblog in virtually no time’.
URL: http://johannes.jarolim.com/blog/wordpress/yet-another-photoblog/

2. NextGen (http://alexrabe.boelinger.com)

Features:Sortable Albums and create your own sets of images; Upload pictures in a zip-file (Not in Safe-mode); You can add a watermark image or text; JavaScript Effects (Thickbox, Greybox or Lightbox); Use a nice shadow effect for your thumbnails with your own CSS file; Full integrated flash slideshow; Sidebar Widget (show a random picture at your sidebar).
URL: http://alexrabe.boelinger.com/wordpress-plugins/nextgen-gallery/

3. Duh Gallery (http://blog.perfectspace.com)

Description:As the tag line says (‘The Simple WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin’), it really is simple. For anyone that likes no complications.
URL: http://blog.perfectspace.com/2006/03/28/duh-gallery-the-simple-wordpress-photo-gallery-plugin/

4. fGallery (http://www.fahlstad.se/)

Features:Use nice urls; Re-size images; Use Lightbox; Allow comments;Display album RSS feed link; Image sort order; Album sort order; Show captions for images; Dynamic thumbnails.
URL: http://www.fahlstad.se/wp-plugins/fgallery/

5. WP Photo Album – WPPA (http://me.mywebsight.ws)

Features:Manage and create albums; Move photos to and from albums; Upload and delete photos; Adjust thumbnail and full view picture sizes (set default max sizes for each).
URL: http://me.mywebsight.ws/web/wppa/

6. WPG2 (http://wordpress.org)

Features: G2Image insertion tool in your Edit Toolbar to help you select one or more Gallery 2 Images, Videos, Albums (displays the Album Highlight Image) in your Blog Posts or WordPress Pages; Random, Recent, Daily, Weekly, Popular Images and/or Albums can be displayed as widgets in the WordPress Sidebar; Single sign-on of WordPress Users into Gallery2, with the ability to restrict Gallery2 Sign on through WordPress User Roles and Capabilities; Display your Gallery2 Page(s) from within the automatically created WordPress Page; Add Lightbox Effects for your Gallery2 Images.
URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpg2/

7. WP Smooth Gallery (http://www.christianschenk.org)

Description: A plugin that will enable you to integrate Smooth Gallery into your WP blog.
URL: http://www.christianschenk.org/projects/wordpress-smoothgallery-plugin/

8. ANIga gallery (http://www.animalbeach.net/aniga/)

Features: Manage and order your pictures in nested albums; Support for jpg, gif and png files; Upload pictures in zip file without FTP, in folder with FTP or with a form; Users can comment on each picture just like they do on posts (you can disable comments for albums); Move, edit, delete albums and pictures (mass edit mode available); Add Picture Captions; User-level based permissions for Categories, Albums and Pictures; Multi-language support (currently English – pot file included for your translation); Pages render w3 valid; Pictures link either normal, as JS pop-up or with lightbox (if you have it installed); Automatic thumbnail creation (square thumbnails with reflections optional); Layout by theme templates; Navigation with thumbnails; Javascript slideshow
URL: http://www.animalbeach.net/aniga/

9. PhotoXhibit (http://benjaminsterling.com/photoxhibit/)

Description: PhotoXhibit, formally Benjamin Sterling Galleries, was born out of the fires of so many not-so-great gallery/image manager plugins for WordPress.
This plugin uses photos from your Flickr, Picasa, and/or SmugMug accounts as well as allows you to upload and build Albums to help you build inviting Photo Galleries on and through out your site.
URL: http://benjaminsterling.com/photoxhibit/

10. PhotoXhibit (http://www.m4rc.nl/wp/imageviewjx/)

Description: imageViewJX is a WordPress plugin which takes all images from a given directory and flips through them on your WordPress site, without reloading the page…
URL: http://www.m4rc.nl/wp/imageviewjx/

And The Rest…

11. PHP Web Gallery (http://www.jillij.com/?page_id=66).

12. W3 Images (http://www.axew3.com/b10g/?page_id=5).

13. WP Wet Floor (http://www.siuyee.com/projects/wp-wetfloor/). This is more of an effect rather than a gallery, still its worth a look.

14. Inline Gallery (http://m0n5t3r.info/work/wordpress-plugins/inline-gallery).

15. Lazy-K Gallery (http://plugins.atterberry.net/lazy-k-gallery).

16. Lightbox 2 WordPress Plugin (http://www.4mj.it/lightbox-js-v20-wordpress/#more-198).

17. AWSOM (http://www.awsom.org/2008/awsom-plugins-updated-for-wordpress-25-compatibility/).

18. Polaroid on the Fly WordPress Plugin (http://sivel.net/2007/09/polaroid-on-the-fly/).

19. WP-Gallery-Remote (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-gallery-remote/).

20. Power Thumbnail WP Plugin (http://blog.codexpress.cn/php/wordpress-plugin-power-thumbnail/).

21. Mini-Slides (http://wordpress.designpraxis.at/plugins/mini-slides/).

22. PhotoQ WordPress Photoblog Plugin (http://www.whoismanu.com/blog/).

23. mBox Gallery Plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mbox/).

24. Cozimo Gallery Plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cozimo/).

25. KB Easy PicasaWeb Plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/kb-easy-picasaweb/).

Flickr Addon Plugins

26. WP-Flickr Plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-flickr/#post-2687).

27. Flickr Manager Plugin (http://tgardner.net/2008/02/12/flickr-manager-gets-photo-sets-in-150/).

28. flickrFaves Plugin (http://lifeasitcomes.com/flickrfaves/).

29. pflickr v1.1 Plugin (http://www.blusb.eu/blog/2006/11/22/pflickr-v11/).

30. flickrRSS Plugin (http://eightface.com/wordpress/flickrrss/).

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