30 Free High-Resolution Wood Textures

Are you trying to create something unique? Maybe you are occupied with a project that deals with nature and/or other greenery, but are unable to decide ways in which you can accomplish that awesome wood texture? Worry no more!

Today, we bring to you 30 unique, realistic, and high-resolution free wood textures that you can take advantage of!

If you’re looking for textures with a higher resolution, take a look at this post.

Local Texture: Wood Breaker

free Local Texture Wood Breaker

Wood Texture

free Wood Texture

Older Wood Texture

free Older Wood Texture

Wood and Laminate Texture

free Wood and Laminate Texture

Wood Panels Free Texture Set

free Wood Panels Texture Set

Free Wood Textures

free Wood Textures

Seamless Wood Textures

free Seamless Wood Textures

Wood Panel Textures

free Wood Panel Textures

HR Wood Textures

free HR Wood Textures

Bark Textures

free Bark Textures

Board Texture Pack

free Board Texture Pack

Dark Wood Texture Pack

free Dark Wood Texture Pack

Distressed Wood Pack

free Distressed Wood Pack texture

Wood Texture

free Wood Texture

HR Old Wood Textures

free HR Old Wood Textures

Wood Uncut

free Wood Uncut texture

Rough Wood

free Rough Wood texture

Wood Textures

free Wood Textures

Three Planks of Wood

free Three Planks of Wood texture

Tileable Light Wood Textures

free Tileable Light Wood Textures

Tileable Wood Texture

free Tileable Wood Texture

Tree Eddy

free Tree Eddy texture

Weathered Blue Wood

free Weathered Blue Wood texture

Wooden Knot Texture

free Wooden Knot Texture

Wooden Planks Textures

free Wooden Planks Textures

Wooden Textures

free Wooden Textures

Wood Grain Texture Pack

free Wood Grain Texture Pack

Wood Pack

free Wood Pack texture

Wood Slice Texture

free Wood Slice Texture

Wood Texture

free Wood Texture

Wood Texture Pack

free Wood Texture Pack

Wood Textures

free Wood Textures

Wood Textures #1

free Wood Textures #1