40 Inspiring Examples of Infrared Photography

By on Photography

Infrared photography — the art of showing the unseen. If you have had a chance previously to look at any examples of infrared photography, you know the amazing after-effects that the photographs tend to have owing to modern-day’s excellent IR sensors. While the camera does produce the desired image, the photograph is often retouched using a photo manipulation software.

Just in case you haven’t yet seen many works of infrared photography, don’t worry! In this gallery, we bring to you 40 examples of infrared photography for your inspiration.

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 shot infrared Parking

Pink Tree

 infrared photography Pink Tree

Horses Dreams Infrared

 shot infrared Horses Dreams Infrared

Infrared Landscape

 infrared photography Infrared Landscape

Morning Work

 shot infrared Morning Work


 infrared photography Lonely


 shot infrared Friends

Run Away with Me

 infrared photography Run Away with Me

Sakura & Old Path

 shot infrared Sakura & Old Path

Niagara Falls

 photography Niagara Falls

Torito at Pine Beach

 shot infrared Torito at Pine Beach


 photography Fotografia

Infrared Reflections

 shot infrared Infrared Reflections

Summer Time at Upton

 infrared photography Summer Time at Upton

Catholic University

 shot infrared Catholic University

Summer or Winter

 infrared photography Summer or Winter

Tahquamenon Falls

 shot infrared Tahquamenon Falls

Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

 infrared photography Infrared HDR Palmer Park Colorado Springs

Chinese Gardens

 shot infrared Chinese Gardens

Lindo Lake Infrared

 infrared photography Lindo Lake Infrared

Morning Reflection

 shot infrared Morning Reflection

Moulin de la Roche

 infrared photography Moulin de la Roche

Old Phoenix City

 shot infrared Old Phoenix City

Tropical Garden Infrared

 infrared photography Tropical Garden Infrared

U.S. Capitol

 shot infrared U.S. Capitol

The Painted Desert Infrared

 infrared photography The Painted Desert Infrared

The Mighty Seven Sisters

 shot infrared The Mighty Seven Sisters

Port Meadow Trees

 infrared photography Port Meadow Trees

By the Sea

 shot infrared By the Sea

Tracks to Nowhere

 infrared photography Tracks to Nowhere

Beside Still Waters

 shot infrared Beside Still Waters

The Secret Garden

 photography The Secret Garden

Open Gates

 shot infrared Open Gates

A Better Day

 photography A Better Day

Sydney Opera House

 shot infrared Sydney Opera House

Tiger in Infrared

 photography Tiger in Infrared


 shot infrared Cannons

Infrared River

 photography Infrared River

Her World

 shot infrared Her World

Infrared Tree

 photography Infrared Tree