• jonathanjk

    Every single one of these are great. Thanks for sharing.

  • They are all very nice but number 4 – Ripple is my favourite.

  • Some nice logos you collected here, thanks for sharing with us!

  • Meenakshi Dasgupta

    each designs are unique thanks for sharing

  • Some of them just barely make it on the good side ie. #26 – Cat and mouse. Logos like #28 – Chillax gets too sketchy to deliver. On other hand there are some brilliant stuff, like #6 – 365 design, #11 – Cloud corner and even #40 – Mummy. 

  • Mwendt

    Wow, my favorites are Maus and Mummy; those are both AMAZING!

  • Dusty Miller

    Shouldn’t 17 be spelled Hero or am I missing something here?