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Ada is a fulltime freelancer and enjoys every second of it. She is also the Blogger Relations Manager at, which is a web resource about leveraging WordPress, its themes, and plugins to create versatile and unusual websites.

PHP Tutorials for Beginners

By on January 14th, 2019Web Design

You have probably heard that PHP is much easier to learn than any other programming languages, such as Java or the .NET languages, not to mention Perl, but if you…

A Case for Using Gimp

By on October 15th, 2015Design

Before I start answering the question of whether GIMP is a Photoshop alternative or not, I have to make it clear that the GIMP project hasn’t been developed with the…

Communication Tips for Techies

By on December 4th, 2012Freelance

Techies aren’t known for their outstanding communication skills – we are much better at design, code, machines in general than in communication with other humans. However, no matter if we…