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Sufyan bin Uzayr writes for multiple publications and has also authored a book named Sufism: A Brief History. His primary areas of interest include open source, mobile development, web CMS and vector art. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of an e-journal named Brave New World. You can visit his website or friend him on Facebook.

The New Vibrant Avatars from Flickr

If you have’t already noticed, Flickr has recently underwent a major redesign. Among other things such as a terabyte of disk space and a new and inspired user interface, Flickr…


Happy Birthday WordPress – Ten Years Old Today!

It was in 2003 that the first version of WordPress came out. It did not have many things to brag about back then — there is not much a blogging…


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


End of an Era: Adobe Pulls the Plug on Fireworks

If you are a user of the popular UI design and prototyping tool Adobe Fireworks, this will greatly concern you: At the recent MAX conference, Adobe announced their next generation…


Illustrated Aliens Series – Everyday a New Alien

Do you know what the best part about being creative is? You can create things that are otherwise considered ugly and scary, and you can make them look highly creative…


jQuery 2.0 Has Just Been Released – Smaller, Faster and Better Than Ever

Yes, that’s right folks. jQuery 2.0 was released earlier today and the new version is now smaller, faster and better than ever. What changes have been made? Well, for a…


Drupal 8: With Symfony on-board, will it create wonders?

Drupal 8 is in the works, and is scheduled for release towards the end of this year. So, what can you expect from the latest and possibly greatest version of?…


Taking A Look At The Future: Web IDEs and Online Coding Tools

In this short article, we shall be discussing web IDEs as a possible and viable alternative to offline IDEs. There was a time when web browsers were simple tools used…


Foundation 4 has just been released – Now taking a ‘Mobile First’ approach

With the increase in popularity of mobile devices, the need to create and develop mobile-friendly websites has also increased manifolds. Naturally, this has led to a surge in the development…


Microsoft Launches Modern.IE – “Internet Explorer Testing just got a little easier”

Ever since the rise of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has been trying hard to win some lost ground for Internet Explorer. However, end users apart, developers have despised IE for…


Browser Awareness Day: Encouraging Users to Upgrade Their Browsers

If you are a web developer, chances are that the most annoying part of your work is related to performing cross-browser compatibility checks. Plus, even if you are not into…


The Google Maps Santa Tracker