Use BugHerd to Visually Manage Feedback and Track Bugs


Getting feedback from clients can be a real pain. Quite often, there’s a technical barrier that makes it difficult for them to describe issues they’re seeing or things they’d like to change. For designers, this means a lot of valuable time is wasted on the ensuing back-and-forth. As a result, project progress can come to a halt.

But what if clients could show you exactly what it is that they’re seeing? What if they could pinpoint an issue on their screen and provide you with important info such as their browser and OS? Having all of this right from the start would change everything.

That’s the beauty of BugHerd. It serves as a translator between the non-tech-savvy and the professionals (like you) who are responsible for making everything work.

Sound like a lifesaver? Read on to find out how it can greatly improve the entire process.

It’s like Having Virtual, Shareable Sticky Notes

The first thing you should know about BugHerd is that it’s a completely visual tool. Through the use of a browser extension (or JavaScript snippet) and a sidebar, it allows you to give and receive feedback via a simple point-and-click process directly on the page.

Among its many advantages and features:

Incredibly Easy to Use

BugHerd requires zero technical knowledge from your clients, so there’s no learning curve. To provide feedback regarding a specific part of a page, all they have to do is click on it. That feedback will be pinned directly to the website. It’s also responsive, so it can be used from anywhere and on any device.

Access to Vital Information

Designers and developers can access client feedback, complete with all of the essential data. You’ll see screenshots, DOM information, browser, OS, screen resolution and a whole lot more. No more guessing as to your client’s system setup!

BugHerd issue data

Collaborate in Real-Time

With BugHerd’s real-time comment feed, you can discuss issues as you work on them. This eliminates the need for tedious email exchanges and speeds up the bug fixing process.

Simple Task and Project Management

Tasks are easily accessed via a sidebar. Each issue can be assigned to a team member, tagged and display a custom status. You can even view a detailed history that lets you track progress. Plus, you can manage each of your projects on a simple Kanban board. Everything you need is right in front of you.

BugHerd's Kanban board.

Integrate with Popular 3rd-Party Services

While highly-useful on its own, BugHerd can do even more when linked up with 3rd-party services. Use it in combination with tools such as GitHub, Basecamp, Zapier and Zendesk to level up your workflow.

A Trusted Tool That Strives to Help You Do More

BugHerd has been around since 2010, which is a long time in internet years. Since its inception, the service has been used by happy customers all over the world (172 countries, to be exact).

Why do users love it so much? Well, part of the reason is the simplicity of giving and receiving feedback. Seriously, it couldn’t be any easier. Add your project, invite users and start collaborating – that’s all there is to it. The lack of a messy signup process or new skillset to learn is quite refreshing.

It’s also worth noting that BugHerd isn’t satisfied with the status quo. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve the experience. User feedback is taken seriously, and many new features are a direct result of it. If you tried the service years ago and haven’t been back for a while, you’ll be amazed at the number of enhancements that have been made.

The goal is to make things easier for everyone involved – you, your team members and clients. When everyone can communicate clearly, things get done faster and with a better end result.

BugHerd's bug reporting process.

Start Using BugHerd for Free

If you’re looking to empower clients and save yourself some precious time, you need the help of a great tool. BugHerd may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Start using BugHerd today for free – both you and your clients will be glad that you did.

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