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Designer News

Every week we publish our Weekly News for Designers – a collection of the latest web design resources, learning guides, opinionated views, and free UI tools, that have all been either released or published the previous week.

The design community and web technologies move very quickly, and our weekly news is the best way to be kept in the loop.

Weekly News for Designers № 559

This week’s Designer News – № 559 – includes How HTTPS Works, Totally Mundane™ for Those Who Don’t Want to Stand Out, How CSS Perspective Works, 1 Line CSS to Center Object, How to Use CSS Clipping, BGJar SVG Background Generator, Unoline Icons Set, Big Heads Character Collection and tons more!

Weekly News for Designers № 558

This week’s Designer News – № 558 – includes UX Design for Navigation Menus, Write Fewer Media Queries with the clamp() CSS Function, Menu Reveal By Page Rotate Animation, Beautiful CSS box-shadow Examples, The Evolution of the Google Sign Up Form, Buttons that Spark Joy and much, much more!

The 25 Best Lightroom Presets for Creating Stunning Portraits

Browse our gallery of the best Lightroom presets for portrait photography and find the right option for your next project; from moody, to bright filters.

Weekly News for Designers № 557

This week’s Designer News – № 557 – includes Beyond Media Queries: Using Newer HTML & CSS Features for Responsive Designs, Blade UI Kit, Component Driven User Interfaces, The Ancient Art of UX, Design Library, What is CC:SS? and much, much more!

Weekly News for Designers № 556

This week’s Designer News – № 556 – includes Ground Rules for Web Animations, Visualizing CSS Resets, Git Command Explorer, Get the Official SVG Bootstrap Icons, the Unsplash WordPress Plugin, Big Sur Free UI Kit and a whole lot more!

Weekly News for Designers № 555

This week’s Designer News – № 555 – includes The Free Volt Bootstrap 5 Dashboard, Omatsuri Browser Tools, Learn Why All Design Projects Should Start in a Google Doc, Creating 3D Illustrations with CSS, Enhancing User Experience with CSS Animations, Free Poster Folds & Creases Textures and much more!

Weekly News for Designers № 554

This week’s Designer News – № 554 – includes WordPress 5.5 Features, The Just in Case Mindset in CSS, The Data Visualisation Catalogue, Form Design Best Practices, Free Education illustrations, Freebie: Haze Lightroom Presets, How to Build a CSS Minifier with 8 Lines of JavaScript and lots more!

Weekly News for Designers № 553

This week’s Designer News – № 553 – includes Optimizing CSS for Faster Page Loads, Magnetic Buttons, Drop-Shadow: The Underrated CSS Filter, The UX of LEGO Interface Panels, Neuicons, Hexpalette Color Palettes, Styled Components: A Quick Start Guide and much more!

Weekly News for Designers № 552

This week’s Designer News – № 552 – includes Modern Masonry Solutions, Free System UI Icons, Dive into CSS Grid, Free MacBook Mockups, Lightweight JavaScript Library, Modern CSS Techniques To Improve Legibility, WordPress Email Issues and a so much more!

Weekly News for Designers № 551

This week’s Designer News – № 551 – includes Teeny Icons, Templatery Figma Templates, Leon Sans Code-Based Typeface, Web Stories by Google for WordPress, Image Manipulation with CSS, Bootstrap Snippet ‘Bits’, Typeculator and a so much more!

Weekly News for Designers № 550

This week’s Designer News – № 550 – includes Style Stage, Three CSS Alternatives to JavaScript Navigation, CSS Breakpoints Used by Popular Frameworks, Create Organic Shapes with Squircley!, Click-and-Copy CSS Effects, The State Of Pixel Perfection and a whole lot more!

Weekly News for Designers № 549