25 Web-Based Color Tools & Palette Generators for Designers


Color plays a pivotal role in design, setting the mood, conveying messages, and influencing perceptions. Knowing the latest color design trends and understanding color theory is crucial to every designer.

They are both the foundation that guides the selection of colors to create harmony and balance in visual compositions. However, applying them effectively often requires more than just color knowledge.

These web-based color tools offer a range of functionalities, from generating harmonious palettes to ensuring color combinations meet accessibility standards. They will also make it easier to experiment with and apply color theory to real-world projects.

Whether you’re crafting a brand identity, a user interface, or any visual content, these free web-based color tools will help enhance your design process, helping you make informed color decisions that elevate your work.

Tools for Creating Color Palettes

These tools will help you create custom color palettes by selecting and combining colors based on harmony rules, trends, or personal preferences.

Color Designer

Helps create and test color schemes with real-time visualizations, making it easier to find the perfect palette for any design project.

Color Designer online web tool for designers

Palettte App

Offers a sophisticated platform for building and refining color palettes, with tools for adjusting the palette to fit design needs precisely.

Palettte App online web tool for designers


Generates color palettes based on your preferences. Like or dislike colors to tailor the palette to your taste, offering a personalized design experience.

Palettable online web tool for designers

Coolors Palettes

Quickly generate, explore, and save beautiful color schemes, ideal for finding inspiration and perfecting your design’s color palette.

Coolors Palettes online web tool for designers

AI Color Scheme Generators

Utilizing artificial intelligence, these generators produce color schemes by analyzing images, trends, or predefined inputs, offering innovative and cohesive color combinations.

Khroma AI Color Tool

Uses AI to learn your color preferences and generates limitless palettes, making it easier to discover and save your favorite color schemes for projects.

Khroma AI Color Tool online web tool for designers

Huemint AI Color Generator

Uses AI to generate color palettes optimized for web design, ensuring your projects are both visually appealing and user-friendly.

Huemint AI Color Generator online web tool for designers

Colormind AI Color Palettes

A color scheme generator that uses AI to understand color relationships, making it a smart tool for creating dynamic palettes.

Colormind AI Color Palettes online web tool for designers

ColorMagic AI Color Palettes

Simplifies the process of finding and applying the perfect colors for your designs, with easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface.

ColorMagic AI Color Palettes online web tool for designers

Color Palette Collections for Inspiration

Here you will find curated collections of color palettes from other designers and brands, providing a source of inspiration for those looking to discover color combinations that work.

Beautiful Color Palettes

Offers a vast collection of color palettes inspired by nature, art, and everyday life, perfect for finding quick inspiration for your design projects.

Beautiful Color Palettes online web tool for designers

ColorDrop Curated Color Palettes

Provides a wide range of pre-made color palettes inspired by different themes and moods, perfect for quick inspiration.

ColorDrop Curated Color Palettes online web tool for designers

Flat UI Colors

Offers flat design color palettes, a popular choice for web and app design, ensuring consistent and clean aesthetics.

Flat UI Colors online web tool for designers

Material Design Color Generator

Helps create and export color palettes based on Google’s Material Design guidelines, ensuring your designs are visually appealing and user-friendly.

Material Design Color Palette Generator online web tool for designers

Color Accessibilty Tools

These tools ensure that color choices in design projects meet accessibility standards, helping create visuals that are clear and distinguishable for users with various types of color vision.

Accessible Brand Colors

A tool that generates accessible color combinations, ensuring that your designs meet web accessibility standards, making them usable for everyone.

Accessible Brand Colors online web tool for designers

Hex Naw Color Accessibility Tool

A color accessibility tool that helps you choose color combinations that are accessible to users with color vision deficiencies.

Hex Naw Color Accessibility Tool online web tool for designers

Accessible Color Palette Builder

Assists in creating color schemes that are accessible and compliant with WCAG guidelines, ensuring your designs are usable by everyone.

Accessible Color Palette Builder online web tool for designers


Evaluates your color palette’s contrast and readability, ensuring that your design is accessible to users with visual impairments.

OddContrast online web tool for designers

The Contrast Triangle

A tool for checking the contrast ratios of color combinations, helping you meet accessibility standards in your designs.

The Contrast Triangle online web tool for designers

Color Contrast Checker

Allows you to test color contrast ratios easily, ensuring that your text is readable against its background color.

Color Contrast Checker online web tool for designers

OKLCH Color Picker & Converter

Offers a color picker in the OKLCH color space, enabling more precise control over color selection for your designs.

OKLCH Color Picker Converter online web tool for designers


Generates accessible color combinations, providing a simple way to ensure your design is inclusive.

Randoma11y online web tool for designers

Miscellaneous Color Tools & Apps

Found Color

Captures and shares color palettes from everyday life, providing a unique source of inspiration drawn from the real world around us.

Found Color online web tool for designers

Picular Color of Everything

A color search engine that generates color palettes based on any keyword, providing inspiration drawn from real-world objects and concepts.

Picular Color of Everything online web tool for designers

BADA55 CSS HEX Color Names

Creates color palettes using only the “badass” leet speak hex codes, adding a fun and creative twist to finding unique colors.

BADA55 CSS HEX Color Names online web tool for designers

Brands in Colors

Showcases color palettes used by famous brands, offering inspiration and insight into successful color strategies in branding.

Brands in Colors online web tool for designers

Choosing the Right Color Tool

Each of these color tools offers unique features and capabilities, catering to the many different aspects of the design process. Try out various options to determine which color tool best aligns with your workflow and specific project requirements.

By doing so, you can enhance your design process, ensuring your projects stand out with the most fitting and appealing color schemes.

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