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Great web UI design must strike a perfect balance between captivating aesthetics and effortless interactivity. Like an invisible hand, a web interface should guide users through the experience at the speed of thought.

Web UI Best Practices by UXPin explains techniques spanning visual design, interface design, and UX design. Visual examples of UI design are also shown from 33 companies including LivingSocial, Spotify, Skype, Apple, Skullcandy, and more.


The 109-page guide includes:

  • Advice from experts such as Luke Wroblewski, Jared Spool, Jakob Nielsen, Marcin Treder, and many others.
  • In-depth discussion and practical tips for UI elements such as color, contrast, spacing, navigation, typography, input controls, and more.
  • Explanation of preliminary steps such as creating user personas, prioritizing requirements, and creating visual hierarchies.

So check it out, and feel free to share if you find it helpful.

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