Free Ebook: Design Collaboration: Building the Foundation of Brilliance

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Design collaboration sounds great in theory. Gather up the gang, draw up some brilliant ideas, and create something that reflects everyone’s expertise.

In reality, it can be a total nightmare. People without design backgrounds force their opinions on design experts. Accountability is diluted across the entire team. Politics ends up killing good design.

This free ebook has been written for designers at larger companies who must strike the difficult balance between collaboration and design by committee. The book prefers pragmatism over ideology by including real-world advice and design exercises.

Free ebook: Design Collaboration: Building the Foundation of Brilliance

The ebook includes:

  • Techniques for better feedback, data-driven design, deciding features together, design studio exercises, empathizing with users, collaborative user interviews, and more.
  • A framework for planning design projects together to prevent last-minute surprises.
  • Examples included from companies such as Venmo, Amazon, Hubspot and Vice.

The key to collaboration is understanding that the design process can be as open as possible, but the output must be tightly controlled. That way, you reap the benefits of collective brainstorming and expert judgment.

If you find the ebook helpful, feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it.

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