Free Ebook: The Guide to Mockups

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Mockups are the models of web design and one of the most effective mediums for communicating visual design. Whatever they lack in interactivity is more than made up for in terms of visual clarity.

The Guide to Mockups by UXPin includes 72 pages of visual examples, explorations of fidelity, and best practices based on our own experience as a wireframing and prototyping app. You’ll also learn the differences between mockups, prototypes, and wireframes so you get a more practical understanding of where each fits into the design process.

Free Ebook: The Guide to Mockups

This free e-book features:

  • Best practices for creating mockups in SketchApp & Photoshop.
  • Practical advice from Marcin Treder, Luke Wroblewski, Ash Maurya, and other product design experts.
  • Explanations of mockup fidelities, anatomies, and methods of creation.
  • Analysis of different design processes for creating mockups based on our own experience and those of Fortune 500 companies.

If you’re interested in wireframing as a complementary practice, take a look at The Guide to Wireframing.

So check out the e-book, and feel free to share if you find it helpful.

Download The Guide to Mockups

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