Free Ebook: Guide to Usability Testing

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The biggest challenge designers and product managers face isn’t how the market or different technologies work — it’s how humans work. What users say versus what users do are two completely different things, and the only way to verify is to test.

The Guide to Usability Testing by UXPin includes 109 pages of tips, tactics, and expert advice.

The Guide to Usability Testing

The free e-book includes:

  • Best practices from companies like Apple, MailChimp, Yahoo, DirecTV, Buffer, and more.
  • Practical explanations and tips for 20 usability testing methods including hallway testing, card sorting, moderated & unmoderated testing, and much more.

  • Advice from usability experts like Jakob Nielsen, Jeff Sauro, Dr. David Travis, and others.
  • Define your hypothesis, pick several quantitative and qualitative methods, and get ready to go out of your comfort zone. Check out the e-book, and feel free to share if you find it helpful.

Download Guide to Usability Testing

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