Free Ebook: Interaction Design Best Practices (Time & Behavior)

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Interaction design can be broken down into 5 dimensions: words, visuals, objects/space, time, and behavior. Words are interactions. Visuals and objects/space are what users interact with. Time is what users interact within. And finally, behavior is how users and the interface act and react.

The first three dimensions allow for interaction, while the last two dimensions define interaction. In their first book on interaction design, UXPin covered the first three dimensions (tangible elements).

Interaction Design Best Practices: Time & Behavior now teaches you how to master the intangible elements. With plenty of case studies and visual examples, this e-book turns design theory into practical advice.

Free Ebook: Interaction Design Best Practices Time & Behavior

The 6 chapters of this free e-book include:

  • Best practices from 20+ top companies including Mint, MailChimp, Kickstarter, Netflix, Google and AirBnB.
  • Practical explanations of complex topics such as reducing friction, distraction through animation, modifying user habits, and more.
  • Example-driven approach that keeps every chapter interesting through rich illustrations, screenshots, and references to real-world scenarios

To learn how to perfect these best practices through prototyping, check out the complementary Ultimate Guide to Prototyping.

Take a look, and feel free to share if you find the e-books helpful.

Download Interaction Design Best Practices: Time & Behavior

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