Free Ebook: The Evolution of Flat Design Trends

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One of the biggest trends of the 2010s is still evolving every day. Flat design, which really started to gain momentum in 2013 is still one of the most used – and talked about – techniques in web design.

How has it sustained for so long? What makes it continue to draw in designers and developers to use it?

Web UI Trends Present & Future: The Evolution of Flat Design helps answer these questions by taking a retrospective and forward-thinking approach. Written in a quick and straightforward format, the free e-book looks at how flat design has matured to embrace texture, illustrations, and even some skeuomorphic touches.

Web UI Trends Present & Future: The Evolution of Flat Design

The free ebook includes the following:

  • In-depth look at the benefits & downsides of flat design, trends inspired by flat design, flat design elements that remain timeless, similarities & differences between material and flat design, and more.
  • Dozens of handpicked examples reflecting the most timeless qualities of flat design.
  • Practical writing style that trims the fat and lays out only what you need to know to apply to your own designs.
  • List of some of the best resources for creating flat-inspired designs.

Don’t forget to also check out Web UI Trends Present & Future: Dramatic Typography. If you find these books helpful, feel free to share.

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