15+ Best Free Infographic Templates for Designers


In today’s fast-paced digital world, conveying complex information quickly and effectively is more important than ever. This is where infographics come into play, transforming data and ideas into visually compelling stories.

For designers, marketers, educators, and business professionals, infographics are essential in keeping an audience’s attention and simplifying their understanding. But creating these visual wonders doesn’t have to be daunting, especially with the wealth of free infographic graphic templates available at your fingertips.

Whether you’re presenting market trends, educational content, or a business strategy, there’s an infographic template below that has been designed to bring your information to life.

In this collection, we dive into the world of free infographic graphic templates, exploring the best options that blend aesthetic appeal with functional design, all without costing you a penny.

The Top Free Infographic Templates for Creatives

Infographic Vector Template Bundle Free in EPS Format

This set of free infographic templates is available in easily editable formats, AI and EPS. They will simplify the process of creating engaging and informative infographics, allowing you to efficiently present data beautifully without sacrificing quality or spending extra on resources.

Infographic Vector Template Bundle

Linear Infographic Asset Vector Template in AI & EPS Format

This infographic collection offers eight vector templates, each well-organized and fully customizable. These templates provide plenty of whitespace to make your information stand out with clarity and style. Available in AI and EPS formats, this set is perfect for anyone looking to create polished and compelling infographics quickly.

Linear Infographic Asset Vector Template

Modern Neon Glassmorphism Infographic Template Free in Figma Format

These linear infographic templates are perfect for designers looking to present information with a touch of modern, neon glassmorphism. These free Figma templates are ideal for conveying complex data, allowing creative freedom while maintaining professionalism.

Modern Neon Glassmorphism Infographic Template

Lany Dashboard & Line Chart Infographic Elements in Figma Format

Infographic Vector Design Kit Free in AI & EPS Formats

This infographic design kit offers over 30 components and elements, like bar charts, graphs, timelines, and more. Its well-organized files, in AI and EPS formats, make it easy to create professional-looking infographics for any project in no time.

Arrows Infographic Vector Charts & Asset in AI & EPS Formats

This infographic collection offers eight arrow-inspired layout designs, each crafted as a vector for sharp, clean visuals. The templates feature well-organized layers, making quick customization easy. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, these AI and EPS templates are designed to help you convey your data and ideas in a visually striking way.

Flat Design Universe Vector Infographic Pack Free in Ai, EPS & SVG Formats

The Universe Infographic Pack brings a clean and contemporary twist to sharing information. With its flat design, this template includes various elements such as planets, line charts, directional arrows, bar charts, and more. This template pack is versatile, offering formats in SVG, AI, and EPS, making it a great resource for creating striking infographics that stand out. Perfect for presenting data with a fresh, modern look.

Data Visualization Graphs & Charts Kit in Figma Format

This Figma infographic kit is a solid collection of templates for anyone that needs to deal with and present complex, large-scale data projects. It offers over 40 customizable charts and more than 50 text and color styles to match any design theme. The kit includes both dark and light mode options, ensuring a clean and adaptable design.

Infographic Steps Vector Template Free in AI & EPS Formats

Ideal for quick presentations and progress reports, this free template helps simplify complex processes into easy-to-understand visuals. Available in AI and EPS formats, it’s a handy template for anyone looking to present step-by-step information in a polished, professional way.

Infographic Vector Template Package Free in AI, EPS & SVG Formats

This package includes ten templates, each boasting a professional, contemporary, and clean design. It features a diverse range of elements like world map templates, timelines, pie charts, and line charts, ensuring versatility for various projects. Available in AI, EPS, and SVG formats, these templates are perfect for creating polished, impactful infographics.

Infographic Vector Template Mega Collection Free in AI, EPS & SVG Formats

This huge collection of infographic temapltes is available for free. There are world maps, bar charts, progress meters, and so much more packed in here. And each element comes with a dark theme too! The package is available in AI, EPS, and SVG format for easy editing.

Infographic Vectors Mega Collection

Idea Infographic Template Free in AI & EPS Formats

When you get a bright idea, break it down with this light bulb infographic. When you need to split something into easily readable and understandable segments, this is the infographic template for you.

Infographic with a Light Bulb

Technology Infographic Templates Free in Photoshop PSD Format

This infographic set is packed with technology-based diagrams and objects. There are various device screens with graphs inside them, a complex and colorful circular diagram, and a bunch of other graphs too! Just download the PSD, pick one of the three colors, and get to customizing.

Free Technology Infographic Templates

Infographic Brochure Vector Template Free in AI & EPS Formats

Available in multiple color palettes, this template bundle is a great starting point if you want to make your own infographic brochure. Everything is here: charts, graphs, comparisons, maps, and timelines, all structured into a multi-page brochure. You can download it in AI or EPS formats.

Free Infographic Brochure Template

Timeline Infographic Vector Template Free in EPS Format

This dazzling dark timeline template looks simply amazing. If you want to turn a company’s journey or their future plans into a visual, this is the infographic template to use. There’s room for a lot of customization here. Edit the icons, add little blurbs, or change the colors as you need!

Infographic Template

Infographic Steps Vector Template Free in AI & EPS Formats

Breaking things down into easy steps is an effective way to communicate a lot of information. Guide people with this colorful step-by-step infographic vector template and eliminate confusion from a difficult process.

Infographic Steps

Emske Vector Infographic Kits Free in SVG & EPS Formats

If you’re trying to craft your own infographic, these vector sets are exactly what you’re looking for. From 85 different pie charts to every graph design under the sun, you will find the information graphic you’re looking for here. While these aren’t ready-to-go templates, you’ll definitely find elements you’ll want to include in your own infographic.

Emske Vector Kits

Organizational Infographic Chart Illustration Template Free in AI & EPS Formats

Organize your ideas with this wonderfully lively chart. These colorful circles can make a lot of steps and information fun and interesting. Fill the circles with vector icons, or even use them to show off a company’s employees! There’s a lot of potential with this chart.

Organizational Chart Illustration

World Map Infographic vector Template Free in AI & EPS Formats

If you need to incorporate a map in your design, try this infographic template. There’s a vector map, a globe, a set of each continent with a blurb, and even a little bar chart just in case! Edit the infographic as-is or use one of its elements to create something new.

World Map Infographic

Infographic Template FAQs

  • What are infographic templates?
    Infographic templates are pre-designed layouts used to present information visually. They include elements like charts, graphs, icons, and text areas, making it easier to convey complex data in an understandable way.
  • What can I create with these free infographic templates?
    You can design informative and visually appealing infographics for various purposes, such as presentations, reports, educational materials, and social media posts.
  • Who will benefit from using these infographic templates?
    These templates are great for graphic designers, business professionals, educators, students, marketers, and anyone looking to present data or information in a visually engaging format.
  • Do I need special software to use these infographic templates?
    Some templates require specific software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, while others can be edited in more accessible programs like PowerPoint or online platforms.
  • How customizable are these free infographic templates?
    Most of these templates are highly flexible, allowing you to change colors, fonts, and data elements to suit your specific information and branding needs.
  • Are these templates easy to download and use?
    Most sites offering these templates provide easy download options and instructions for editing and customizing the templates.
  • Can using these templates save me time in creating infographics?
    Definitely! They provide a ready-made structure for your information, which will reduce the time and effort needed to design an infographic from scratch.

Tell a Story with Visuals

An infographic can be just what you need to spruce up a page. The bright colors and eye-catching visuals never fail to liven up a webpage or blog. With these templates, creating a beautiful infographic is no longer a chore. You can whip up exciting visuals in minutes!

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