25 Stunning Free Keynote Templates for Creatives


If you’re looking to create a professional and polished presentation, using a template can save you hours of time. And with the free templates available for Apple Keynote, starting from scratch is unnecessary.

Apple Keynote is a powerful presentation software that is part of the Apple iWork productivity suite. It offers a variety of features that allow you to easily create beautiful slide decks. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or student, Keynote can help you create visually appealing and compelling presentations.

In this collection, we’ve compiled the best Keynote templates that are completely free. These templates can be used for various purposes, from business presentations and investor pitches to proposals and portfolios. With a range of designs to choose from, you can find a template that fits your style and message.

Using these templates, you can quickly create a professional and engaging presentation that will impress your audience. So why not take advantage of these free resources and save yourself some time and effort?

If you’re looking to take your presentations to the next level, you might also like this collection of Keynote tutorials. And, if you’re looking for more free Keynote templates, take a look at this collection.

How to Import & Install an Apple Keynote Template

Apple Keynote makes it easy to create beautiful presentations. However, the built-in templates leave a lot to be desired. To make a truly unique Keynote presentation, you will need to download an Apple Keynote template. Here’s a quick tutorial on importing and installing Apple Keynote templates.

  • Download the Keynote template file (.key) to your computer.
  • Locate the downloaded template file on your computer, double-click and open it in Keynote.
  • Once the template file is open, click on File in the Keynote menu bar and select Save as Template from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save to save the template. The template will now be available in the “My Templates” folder.
  • To use the template, open Keynote and create a new presentation. In the Theme Chooser window, scroll down to the “My Templates” section and select your new template.
  • Once you’ve selected the template, click Choose to apply it to your new presentation.
  • You can now start customizing your presentation with your own content.

Space Keynote Template

The Space is a free Keynote template with a modern design. It has over 40 colors and 100 unique slides with thousands of custom icons. The template is easy to edit and uses free Google fonts.

Space - free keynote presentation template

Thumper Keynote Presentation Template (with Envato Elements)

Thumper is a beautiful Keynote presentation template with over 100 unique slides and drag-and-drop placeholders. The template can be used for any type of presentation.

Thumper - free keynote presentation template

Pastel Keynote Presentation Template

This pastel Keynote presentation is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a presentation template that looks soft and gentle. It includes several slides and various presentation elements, such as icons and charts.

Pastel - free keynote presentation template

Balance Keynote Template (with Envato Elements)

Balance is a modern and minimalist Keynote template, and it comes with 145+ unique slides and fully editable shapes and icons. The template was designed in widescreen format.

Balance - free keynote presentation template

Brooklyn Keynote Template

This presentation template has a stylish and minimal design. It’s an excellent choice for fashion or beauty presentations. It features large images which are perfect for showcasing your fashion and jewelry pieces.

Brooklyn - free keynote presentation template

Agency Keynote Template (with Envato Elements)

The Agency Keynote template is an excellent choice if you’re an agency or freelance designer looking for an attractive, modern presentation template. It comes with 21 unique slides and subtle slide animations.

Agency - free keynote presentation template

Voodoo Keynote Presentation Template

The Voodoo presentation template for Keynote has a clean design. You will find 100 animated slides, bonus icon packs, and 40 color themes that you can use as a starting point.

Voodoo - free keynote presentation template

Blockchain Keynote Template

The Blockchain Keynote offers 135 unique slides, which are all based on master slides for easier editing. The template also has an impressive number of icons you can use throughout your presentation.

Blockchain - free keynote presentation template

Pitch Deck Keynote Template

This Keynote template is a good choice if you need to make a pitch deck. The template has a professional and modern design, comes with 32 slides, and has been designed in widescreen format.

Pitch Deck - free keynote presentation template

Freepiker Portfolio Keynote Template

This Keynote template is a great choice if you want to present your portfolio uniquely and interactively. The template comes with 20+ individual slides and is easy to edit and customize.

Freepiker Portfolio - free keynote presentation template

Rimona Keynote Template (with Envato Elements)

The Rimona is a stylish Keynote template that’s perfect for any fashion or beauty presentation. It has five premade color variations and over 150 unique slides. It also comes with picture placeholders.

Rimona - free keynote presentation template

Planets Keynote Presentation Template

Planets is another modern and minimal template for Keynote that comes with 150 slides and includes a light and a dark version. The template was designed in widescreen resolution.

Planets - free keynote presentation template

Yellow Keynote Template

Try the Yellow Keynote template if you’re looking for a bright and bold presentation template. It comes with 60 unique slides and drag-and-drop image placeholders.

Yellow - free keynote presentation template

Educate Keynote Template (with Envato Elements)

If you need to make an educational presentation for your class, the Educate template will suit you perfectly. The template includes 150 slides based on master slides for easier editing and comes in 5 color variations.

Educate - free keynote presentation template

Balance – Minimal Keynote Template

The Balance is a minimal Keynote template. Thanks to its simple design, it can be used for any type of presentation and comes with 18+ unique slides, drag-and-drop object placeholders, and a plethora of resizable vector elements.

Balance - free keynote presentation template

Cosmic Fashion Keynote Template (with Envato Elements)

As the name suggests, the Cosmic Fashion Keynote template is perfect for fashion presentations. It features a retina-ready design with over 100 unique slides and two aspect ratios.

Cosmic Fashion - free keynote presentation template

MNMLST Keynote Template

The MNMLST Keynote template has a beautiful and elegant design. It has several slides with stunning image layouts and comes with several premade slides that are easy to edit.

MNMLST - free keynote presentation template

Sandy Keynote Template (with Envato Elements)

If you’re looking for a Keynote template with premade color schemes, look no further than Sandy. The primary version comes in rich, elegant black, and you will also find four other color schemes and more than 150 slides to create any type of presentation.

Sandy - free keynote presentation template

Sella Free Keynote Template

The Sella template includes five unique premade slides in the free version and comes with elegant transitions that will grab the attention of anyone watching your presentation.

Sella has an elegant design and even includes fully editable maps if you need to show geographical data or a specific region.

Sella free keynote templates creative designer

Creative Keynote Template

The Creative Keynote template includes 25 premade slides and has a colorful and vibrant design, perfect for modern presentations and designers who love the flat design trend.

You’ll also find a selection of geometric shapes, editable maps, icons, tables, and more. All of the slides are easily editable, so you can customize every part of the presentation and make it your own.

free keynote templates creative designer

Simple Minimal Keynote Template

If you’re looking for a minimal Keynote template, Simple Minimal might be right up your alley. The template has an elegant and minimal design.

The grey-toned slides have been designed to not distract the viewers and let them focus on what matters most: the content of your presentation.

Simple Minimal free keynote templates creative designer

Heyra Free Keynote Template

Heyra is another minimal template with a black and white color scheme, but it does allow you to grab attention by inserting full-width photos at key places in your presentation.

Heyra comes with 12 premade slides, high-quality vector icons, and other elements needed for a beautiful presentation.

Heyra free keynote templates creative designer

Duotone Free Keynote Template

As the name suggests, this template features a duotone color scheme, a trend that has been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years.

The template has an impressive number of premade slides for a freebie – over 132 are included, and you’ll also get a duotone Photoshop action as a bonus. Don’t miss this Keynote template if you’re a fan of the duotone trend.

Duotone free keynote templates creative designer

London Keynote Template

If you’re looking for a template with a feminine and elegant feel, then look no further than the London template. This Keynote template features 21 premade slides and elegant typography that puts the focus on the contents of your presentation.

London free keynote templates creative designer

Basics Keynote Template

The Basics template comes with 31 premade slides and drag-and-drop object placeholders so you can easily replace the demo content with your own.

This template includes over 6000 icons, Venn diagrams, vertical and horizontal timelines, and more.

Basics free keynote templates creative designer

ProBusiness Keynote Template

The ProBusiness template has a professional and corporate feel, so it’s perfect for any of your corporate clients that need a presentation that matches their company’s image.

This template includes drag-and-drop placeholders, vector icons, and a widescreen layout.

ProBusiness free keynote templates creative designer

Keynote Business Proposal Template

If you want to use Keynote to make proposals for your clients, consider the Business Proposal template.

It has an impressive selection of 50 premade slides and includes elements such as section breaks, text and image slides, and various diagrams like timelines, graphs, and charts.

Business Proposal free keynote templates creative designer

Every Keynote Template

The Every template is a clean Keynote template with modern elements that will capture your audience’s attention. This template can be used in various industries thanks to its versatile design, bold typography, and subtle pops of color that draw attention to crucial parts.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop placeholders, you can easily replace the dummy content and choose from various resizable icons and vector shapes to enhance your design.

Every free keynote templates creative designer

Air Keynote Presentation

The Air template includes stunning full-width placeholders for images as well as split-screen layouts that are perfect for showing off your portfolio or other designs.

You’ll also find beautiful typography, more than 60 premade slides, and a bonus of 450 vector icons.

Air free keynote templates creative designer

Eva Keynote Template

The Eva template is an excellent choice if you’re working with clients in the fashion and photography industry, as the layout and overall design lends itself well to portfolios.

You can also use this template for your own design business. This Keynote template includes more than 200 slides, a light, and dark color scheme, and 250+ vector icons.

Eva free keynote templates creative designer

Professional Keynote Pitch Deck

The Professional Pitch Deck is a Keynote template that’s perfect for when you need to make an impression on potential clients, investors, or partners.

The template includes a variety of slides to present facts about your company, your team members, and any other information you need to include for a successful presentation.

Professional Pitch Deck free keynote templates creative designer

X for Keynote Template

The last template in our collection, X, offers 18+ unique creative slides and features a clean and fresh design. The template comes in a 16:9 format and includes drag-and-drop placeholders and resizable vector elements such as icons, maps, charts, and more.

x free keynote templates creative designer

As you can see from the examples above, there is no shortage of high-quality Keynote templates that won’t break your budget and will allow you to create stunning presentations for both yourself and your clients.

Use these free Keynote templates to design presentations for your clients or use them in your own business to deliver client proposals or during webinars.

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