20 Free Retro & Vintage Pattern Sets for Photoshop


Design trends come and go but there is one style that never seems to go out of fashion. We’re talking about the retro and vintage style, of course. Retro design refers to a design style that is derived from the recent past. It is usually characterized by faded colors, bold graphics, and period icons.

The retro and vintage style are popular not only in web design but also in art, ads, and fashion design. It evokes feelings of nostalgia which is the main reason why this design trend is so popular. It transcends time and styles and appeals to a wide audience, no matter their age. On top of that, retro style is usually associated with value and quality so it’s a perfect choice for established brands as well as new and emerging brands that want to communicate those ideas.

If you want to apply a retro style to your designs, you’ll want to include a few elements to make sure you’re getting it right. For starters, stick with handwritten fonts, especially those that look distressed or have that rugged, worn out feel. You’ll also want to use old retro models, warplanes or electronics. Depending on which era you want to mimic in your retro design, it’s not uncommon to make use of elements from the twenties and thirties such as first car models or from the fifties and sixties such as pinup girls.

Finally, consider adding retro patterns to your design to round out your design. In this post, we’ve rounded up the best free retro and vintage pattern sets for Photoshop. So check them out, download them, and create awesome retro designs!

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Retro Patterns (4 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeRetro comes with 4 Patterns

Vintage Textile Patterns (6 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeVintage Textile Patterns comes with 6 Patterns

Retro Patterns (12 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeRetro Patterns comes with 12 Patterns

All Overs Dimond Square (9 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeAll Overs Dimond Square comes with 9 Patterns

Patterns (32 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freePatterns comes with 32 Patterns

Mellow Mint (16 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeMellow Mint comes with 16 Patterns

Christmas Patterns (4 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeChristmas Patterns comes with 4 Patterns

Set 28 (8 Patterns .psd)

adobe photoshop freeSet 28 comes with 8 Patterns .psd

Paisley Pattern (1 Pattern)

adobe photoshop freePaisley Pattern comes with 1 Pattern

Flower Pattern (4 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeFlower Pattern comes with 4 Patterns

Playful Seamless Retro (4 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freePlayful Seamless Retro comes with 4 Patterns

Retro Butterflies (1 Pattern)

adobe photoshop freeRetro Butterflies comes with 1 Pattern .pat

Retro Patterns (9 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeRetro Patterns comes with 9 Patterns

Retro PS Patterns (78 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeRetro PS Patterns comes with 78 Patterns

Textured Stripes (6 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeTextured Stripes comes with 6 Patterns

Victorian (45 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeVictorian comes with 45 Patterns

Vintage Floral Patterns (5 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeVintage Floral Patterns comes with 5 Patterns

Vintage Sage (4 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeVintage Sage comes with 4 Patterns

Spotlight (5 Patterns)

adobe photoshop freeSpotlight comes with 5 Patterns

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