Fantastic Google Web Fonts for Headings, Paragraphs & Branding

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The Google Web Fonts service provides an enormous benefit to designers around the world. Instead of paying for a subscription or hosting your own fonts locally, this allows you to include a bit of CSS and utilize custom fonts hosted on Google’s servers.

Cloud access provides unique URLs where you are not responsible for managing the font files themselves. The biggest downside is a longer page load time, but when used correctly visitors will barely notice the difference.

Google Webfonts 2013 homepage screenshot

I have put together a collection of the most interesting Google fonts to be utilized in various pieces of content. These could be paragraphs, headings, footer links, navigation items, or any other common webpage items. The best method for using webfonts is to focus on the most important areas of content, not to bloat your site with 4 or 5 different typefaces. But I hope this collection may provide resources for designers who need some recommendations for new projects.

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Logos & Branding

We can start off with a big category of the most unique typefaces you can use. I would recommend keeping these for your website logos, either in the header or footer of the page. The fonts are quite unique and they offers an easier method of branding which does not require an image or SVG file.

When building stuff like new project launches or tutorial demos, these fonts work great as the recognizable page logo.

Crafty Girls

collection logo headline crafty girls typography


knewave google webfont open source freebie


custom google webfont gorditas logo

Berkshire Swash

berkshire swash google web font free

Freckle Face

freckle face cute google webfont

Henny Penny

unique free google web font henny penny

Lily Script One

lily script one open source google webfont

Fascinate Inline

fascinate inline google web font typography

Ceviche One

ceviche one google webfont typography

Kaushan Script

script type font website logo kaushan

Shadows Into Light

shadows into light typography webfont

Bigelow Rules

webfont typography bigelow open source google

Eagle Lake

eagle lake free webfont google


webfont typeface underdog fonts open source


chicle website open source webfont


caps lock cinzel website webfont open source


google web font typography risque


typographic handlee web font freebie

Catchy Headlines

The purpose of building unique font families in your page is for emphasis. You want visitors to be immediately impressed with the quality of your design and content. So adding custom typefaces onto your page headings would be a no-brainer! These fonts are best used for h2-h2 since they can often stand on their own. It gives visitors a sense of authority in the content when transitioning between new talking points.


thick dark bold heading bevan typography

Fauna One

fauna one webfont google free


google free webfont acme header


aladin gypsy font website open source

Cherry Swash

cherry swash google webfont open source

Permanent Marker

google webfont header permanent marker


google typography oregano webfont design

Londrina Solid

google webfont londrina open source typography


open source google webfont alegreya


courgette gogole webfont specimen typography

Chelsea Market

chelsea market free google webfont


google webfont open source merienda

Lova Ya Like a Sister

catchy headline webfont sister love google


google web font ranchers typography

Droid Serif

droid serif font typography google

Wendy One

wendy one typography open source webfont

PT Serif

google webfont open source pt serif

Rammetto One

rammetto one website font typography google


google font family gabriela specimen

Subheadings with Emphasis

Many websites use a logo with the addition of sub-text beside or beneath it. Similarly you can find websites that have smaller sub-headings built into the page content. Many developers would attribute these fonts onto h4-h2 elements, and h6 if you have the need. It is a great collection for bolded, smaller fonts with the potential of all-caps or variant CSS properties.

Mouse Memoirs

mouse memoirs website font typography


google web font brawler speciment typography

Expletus Sans

expletus sans google webfont typography

EB Garamond

garamond web font typography google

Cantora One

cantora one typeface webfont

Roboto Slab

roboto slab webfont typography


alef typography webfont google

Rum Raisin

rum raisin webfont google typography


belgrano latinotype webfont google


skranji typeface google webfont


webfont typeface mclaren google


google webfont rokkit typeface


simonetta webfont typeface google

Bree Serif

bree serif webfont specimen typography


overlock webfont google typography


google webfont dosis typography


google open source webfont nunito


marmelad typography google typeface font

Gentium Basic

google webfont gentium basic

Paragraph Text

I would not always recommend using Google Webfonts for your paragraph copy. This can dramatically slow down the loading time of your page, and often you will notice the images/background fills in before the text. It can appear choppy to visitors on a slow connection. But in some cases it may be worthwhile to have your paragraphs using more customized font choices.


paragraph muli webfont typography


montserrat paragraph webfont

Montserrat Alternatives

montserrat google webfont alt


typeface webfont trocchi google


google webfont habibi typeface


paragraph font webfont google serif fenix


paragraph serif webfont arvo


google webfont typeface lato


google webfont coustard font

Source Sans Pro

source sans pro webfont google

Quattrocento Sans

quattrocento sans webfont google typeface

Arbutus Slab

slab serif webfont paragraph arbutus

Merriweather Sans

merriweather sans serif webfont typography


rambla webfont typeface specimen

Droid Sans

droid open source sans webfont

Average Sans

average sans webfont typography


abeezee webfont typography open source


sans serif webfont oxygen


asap webfont google paragraph text


telex open source webfont google paragraphs

Cursive & Handwritten

The use for handwritten fonts is varied in a number of ways. These can work as logos or headings on the page. But it is also possible to add emphasis in your text, blockquotes, ad displays, or similar common page elements.

The cursive style can be difficult to read so it often requires larger font sizing. But without including any cursive/handwritten fonts in your website, they can still be a whole lot of fun to play with.

Monsieur La Doulaise

fancy cursive writing webfont monsieur doulaise

Alex Brush

webfont typeface alex brush

Great Vibes

great vibes typeface webfont

Crafty Girls

crafty webfont free google typeface

Grand Hotel

grand hotel webfont typeface google

Indie Flower

handwritten indie flower webfont google


google webfont free parisienne


playball webfont typeface cursive


google webfont typeface script niconne


free open source condiment webfont google


free google webfont sacramento script


google writing script webfont qwigley


italianno webfont google typeface


script cursive yesteryear webfont google

Clicker Script

clicker script webfont typeface google

Butterfly Kids

cute handwritten webfont butterfly kids

Ruge Boogie

ruge boogie webfont google typeface

Lovers Quarrel

typeface google webfont lovers quarrel

Princess Sofia

princess sofia webfont google typeface script

Final Thoughts

Google’s online repository of web fonts is steadily growing larger every month. It is an impressive feat to host a library of fonts online for the world of developers to include in their layouts. Many of the fonts can be downloaded for free and hosted locally, which makes this service even more useful.