Google Web Fundamentals: An Essential Handbook For Designers and Developers

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A week or so back and seemingly unnoticed, Google released a new online handbook for web designers and developers. Still in Beta and expected to be polished further in June, Google Web Fundamentals is an essential collection of information about modern web design and development.

Google has released a new handbook for web designers and developers called Google Web Fundamentals

As of now, the Handbook consists of four separate topics:

  1. Multi-Device Layouts
  2. Images, Audio and Video
  3. Forms and User Inputs
  4. Performance Optimization

Of course, this number is expected to rise as the project gains popularity and new content is added to it.

While the project has a website of its own, the actual collaboration and development takes place over at Github. So if you wish to do your bit in helping create the internet’s finest handbook for design and coding practices, just submit a pull request!

As of now, Google Web Fundamentals is relatively new and hardly has much content, but it is surely rising well and in all likelihood, it is soon going to emerge as a great collection of resources and tips that web designers and developers can utilize to hone their skills.

Have you had a chance to check out Google Web Fundamentals? What do you think of it? Share your views with us in the comments below!

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