Free Ebook: The Guide to Minimum Viable Products

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Minimum viable products are frequently misunderstood and misused. Because most business are strapped for resources, it’s a common mistake to focus only on the “minimum” part to get something out the door quickly.

But an MVP is much more than just a minimum product. This e-book discusses concepts like the different types of MVPs and how to test hypotheses with MVPs. More experienced readers can read about how to balance UX with Lean development, and even learn about Spotify’s product design process.

Free Ebook The Guide to Minimum Viable Products

The concepts are explained in detail with advice and illustrations from entrepreneurs like Brandon Schauer, Neil Patel, and Steve Blank and UX professionals like Aarron Walter of MailChimp, Josh Puckett of Dropbox, and Cindy Alvarez of Yammer. Examples from companies like Buffer, Zappos, Groupon, AirBnB, and more are also included.

The 123-page guide answers questions such as:

  • What is the quickest and cheapest way to test an MVP?
  • When should I focus on a killer UX, and when do I need to just get it out the door?
  • What are the most creative MVPs?
  • Why do most companies fail when it comes to building the right MVP?

So check it out and feel free to share if it’s helpful. For a companion piece, you can also check out the Guide to Wireframing. Both e-books from UXPin take a practical look at simple processes for designing and iterating your products.

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