Happy Birthday WordPress – Ten Years Old Today!


It was in 2003 that the first version of WordPress came out. It did not have many things to brag about back then — there is not much a blogging tool can brag about anyway!

Fast forward ten years, to 2013. What started as a humble blogging platform has today established itself as the world’s most loved and popular Content Management System.

Yes, that’s right. WordPress is ten years old today!

happy birthday wordpress ten years old today!

In order to celebrate this special occasion, WordPress users and enthusiasts all around the world are organizing meetups and parties. All of this has been in the planning for quite some time now. Among other things, you can also get your hands on anniversary tees and other wonderful merch.

happy birthday wordpress anniversary tees

In the internet world, where new technology and software is released almost every other day, surviving (oh, and dominating) for ten years is an awesome feat. Considering the popularity of WordPress, it surely looks poised to enjoy stardom for many more years to come!

Happy Birthday WordPress, and thank you!

What are your plans for today?

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